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Do you think the Bush Administration faked Kenneth Lay's death?

Asked by sierrarancher (20points) July 25th, 2008

Kenneth Lay, the mastermind behind the Enron scandal in which people lost millions of dollars due to his fraud, suddenly died of a heart attack before he was to have his trial.

Alberto Gonzales had just been appointed Attorney General, and was in charge of the Witness Protection Agency. Lay was the largest individual contributor to the Bush presidential campaign.

Former President George Bush had the audacity to attend Lay’s funeral. At that point, current President Bush could not pardon Lay, due to the political fallout. Lay was a serious criminal.

The only witness to Lay’s death was his wife. His autopsy report can be found here: lay.pdf

I think this is a coverup that needs to be investigated and publicized.

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I think Fluther might not be the best place to hash out the conspiracy theory du jour. But that’s just me.

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I will believe anything. Coincidence is one thing, but this smacks of cloak-and-dagger stuff. I would imagine he knew a lot and was silenced or moved to the island where JFK lives. (I don’t believe the JFK thing but Lay I would not be surprised.

Edit: Wow~ You’re link doesn’t work! They are on to us! (again, I’m not all together kidding)

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Link that works: (it was the way they posted it)

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Still no link luck.

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Try this: (not a rickroll… and it’s even moreso the fault of the hosting site, allowing an unencoded space in the url. Obviously a bunch of Windows noobs.)

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Zeitgeist and Loose Change. I am not saying every idea / conclusion is correct, but I will say those 2 movies have some INTERESTING ideas.

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Ken Lay was Bush’s boy. If Lay testified under oath he surely would have been asked about Dick Cheney’s Secret Energy meetings.

Bet your life that Kenny-boy got wacked before he had the chance to testify about Cheney’s energy plan.

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