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Which t-shirt printers ship to the UK at a reasonable price, and print on American Apparel?

Asked by richardhenry (12651points) July 25th, 2008

Or even better, are based in the UK? I’m talking about roll yo’ own shirt designs, by the way, not something like Threadless. I would initially only want a small run of 2–3 done, and then 30 or 40 later. Any ideas?

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PS: Two American Apparel t-shirt related questions in a row! Do I get bonus points? Reasonable price would be $10–15, by the way.

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I know cafepress has SOME American Apparel, if that helps.

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try out

They might help you out with this.
They would need the product number you want and even get a catalog out to you.

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Any local T-shirt printer will print on blanks you bring in – just buy your own directly from AA and talk to a local T-shirt guy. The trick will be your quantity – many shops will only consider a minimum run of 50 or so.

If the design is simple enough (one color), consider screening it yourself with a home kit.

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Okay, just ordered a proof from Cafepress. Thanks guys!

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@PupnTaco: Already spoken to a couple local printers, and the price is indeed the caveat.

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If you need a different source, try the one Fluther uses or this one

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