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What are some unique careers that one never thinks of?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17703points) February 7th, 2016

Like competitive eating and exotic dancing. I’m wondering what weird careers we passed over and should get a second look? Humor and serious answers welcome.

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Nuclear certified welder.

They can make 6 figures for a single job.

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Electric massage chair testing. I can’t find out where to apply. ;)

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Food taster for the President of the United States.

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Nuclear Power Reactor instructor, I worked with one, but the job he was doing was Jet Engine Test engineer. He was in the Navy on a Nuclear Sub before he was an instructor

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Naming paint samples and Crayons. haha

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Ice cream tasters, like at Ben and Jerry’s, requires a good set of taste buds. Also may require up to12 college credit hours of dairy science.

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Gov- Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Job forecasts are usually pretty accurate.
Focus on employment that will not be outdated by the time training ends.
Personally, I want Tom Hanks’ character’s job in the film Big = toy tester! What could be more fun?

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I worked in a profession for 38 years that I thought of as “the invisible profession”. Because people generally know so little about it. When people asked me about what I do I got blank stares when I told them. It required a BA degree and a one year internship for the opportunity of working in a hospital lab as an MT (Medical Technologist).

Today there’s a huge shortage of clinical laboratory workers. For most States all that is required is an AA degree in Clinical Science in order to work in a hospital lab. If you’re looking for an interesting and ever changing profession and don’t mind analyzing human blood, urine, poop, joint fluids, CSF fluids etc. then this might be for you.

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In high school I took some test that said I should work in a wastewater treatment facility. #2 was a locksmith.

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How about professional panda cuddling nanny

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Crime Scene Cleaner
Secret Shopper
Wal-Mart Greeter
Police Sniper
Tour Guide
Limo Driver
Phone Line Psychic you knew I was gonna include this didn’t you?
Immigration Specialist
Burial Ground Custodian
Snake Milker
Professional Hacker
Cruise Ship Musician
Pet Food Taster
OSHA inspector
Chicken Sexer
Porno Stunt Double for the closeups and intense pounding parts

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Tester at Underwriters Laboratories:

Break stuff for a living.

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