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Anyone noticing the increased care from the Super Bowl officials and teams with heavy hits?

Asked by msh (4262points) February 7th, 2016 from iPhone

The immediate care of players with the concerns of head injuries and concussions sustained while playing in the SB seems highly stepped up in the game tonight. Is it incredibly noticeable to anyone else? Even more care than in the weekly games, it seems. Is it a legitimate concern or show for the season’s end?

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My friend was telling me that with the death of any former NFL football player there is now a hot competition to get possession of the dead man’s brain. The NFL claims ( of course) that the organs are required for the organization’s doctors and researchers to study and help further research toward preventing neurological injuries. Everyone else says the NFL is snatching up brains to suppress evidence.

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I had a related thought while I was watching and learned that one of the Panthers’ important offensive players was ruled out for the remainder of the game after a heavy hit. Apparently he failed the “concussion protocol”, part of which consists of asking relatively simple questions and seeing if the respondent gives current, correct and timely responses.

I was wondering what some of the questions are, because after watching this video I was wondering, “Have all of these kids been hit in the head recently?”

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When the medical team quickly prevented the player from rising from his hands and knees after a pretty heavy hit, I was surprised. He was taken out of the game immediately, and diagnosed as having a minor concussion. ( minor?) I would wonder if the questions the commentators stated were being used in the locker rooms, might be the same as those used in an ER? I don’t know.
A referee stopped another player as he arose from a hit to ask if he was shaken after the hit. The player declined help. He was substituted out on the next play.
Think back to all of the games with such hits and the players kept going. We never thought of long term damage. The testing of the donated brains of players are, by my guess, approximately 3 to 5 months from donation to press releases on any decisions and discoveries. The last three professional player’s inquiries have been in this time frame.
Several different medical teams all with different facets of research, study the individuals brain. I don’t believe Mary Shelley students have ‘dibs’, the brains are sheared into extremelty thin slices to be studied. All are then preserved in a newly established data base for the study of this tragic and unknown problem. The process might take less time to analyze once the data base is established.
Oh. The students being questioned in the video? I believe most viewers suffer concussions from banging their heads after viewing the collective brain trust. :/ (Thanks for the scary YouTube)
And now the football season is over.

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That little clip on the college brain trust is telling. All of us speculating over why the politics in our country are so obtuse should pay attention. You would think that a great deal of effort would be required to arrive at age 19 ignorant of the outcome in the Civil War. That an entire campus of future voters has achieved this distinction is a pretty good indicator of the sort of future we should expect.

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As for the video.. When everyone gets it wrong you know they spent all day out there and did some selective editing.

The concussion tests shouldn’t be necessary, if you have to test you should probably be removed from the game and sent to the hospital. Double the size of the teams if you need more head trauma fodder.

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The game as we know it cannot continue. It’s barbaric.
By the time they know a player needs medical attention, it’s too late.

Where are the Right To Life advocates, protesting against this assisted suicide?

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If that’s true, then how in the hell did this “jerk get away with this tackle with nothing more than a 15 yard penalty?? Jesus. He could have broken the guy’s neck.

I agree with @ibstubro. I hope football gets replaced with soccer in the next couple of decades.

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Hope all you want. Mountains will be moved to insure that the sport responsible for that growing mountain of money is perpetuated.

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I don’t recall mentioning soccer, @Dutchess_III.

But, now that you mention it, I’m stoked that the Rams are moving to Los—er Angeles and St. Louis has a shot at one of the new soccer franchises!—
Is there a Cardinals soccer franchise yet???

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You didn’t mention soccer @ibstubro. So?

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