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Does anyone really use the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button?

Asked by heysupnm (286points) July 25th, 2008

When you’re using Goggle do you ever use the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button?

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no, I’m never really feeling lucky.

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Yes, Sometimes it can be a humerus waste of time, type something random into the search field and go. It can lead you to interesting places.

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No. But I never visit the main page for Google. I use the little search bar thing in Firefox.

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Nope, I want to see all the results.

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Only when someone mentions that it’ll do something funny, otherwise I too want to see all the results. I’m normally not happy with just one page, I like compare several sources on most things I search for.

I actually do not use google as my main search engine, but I use the word google instead of search. Does anyone else do that? For example, I might look something up using msn or yahoo but I’ll say I “googled” it.

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I use it all the time.

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like if I forget how to spell something I use it.

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I almost never use it, even though Google has fairly accurate page rank systems, I’d prefer to filter through the results myself. Ah Google, how could we live without you?

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The feature costs Google $110 million dollars a year in potential lost revenue.

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@Spargett that assumes the same number of people would use the service were the button not there, which I’m sure is not the case.

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Yep, in fact, it’s about the only way I use Google. I’ve set every non-URL I enter in Firefox’ address bar to be a Google I’m Feeling Lucky search.

Come to think about it, if Yahoo! had such a button I’d probably already switched to Yahoo! or another service, but they don’t.

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I only tried it a couple of times and it didnt convince me it is useful. Same like others above i would rather do the website screening by myself to find what i want.

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