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Is there a Home Remedy to eliminate or dissipate paint odor?

Asked by Markos (73points) July 25th, 2008
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Why would you want to dissipate it?

Seriously though- knowing not everyone is an artist who enjoys the smell of paint- airing out is the best method.

Sprays mask it but in reality the fumes need to vent. Fans can be helpful if the odor is particularly strong but be sure the fresh paint is not in the direct path of the fan so it does not blow dust onto the surface.

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Put a fan pointing out a window, open another across the room, or if you dont have two, open the door and another window in another part of the house. this makes a negative pressure in the room, forcing clean air in. Pointing it out the window will help negate the effects of having air blow across all your paints and waters, allowing a more slow filling of fresh air. Also it stops a positive pressure which could push the smell into other parts of the house.

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@Scrumpulator: thats a great and bright idea, unfortunately I only have a celling fan, which is at full speed right now, all windows and door open.

I just wish to speed up the process, cause till then Ill be sleeping in my sister bedroom floor! hehehe

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Is this wall painting or fine arts?

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Sounds like you need to go out and buy a floor fan…

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I heard something about if you put a small dish of… was it vanilla?... out on the counter it helps absorb paint odors. Never did try it.

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wall paint…. @Biko, ill try that and let you know how it goes

Any more ideas?

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I did some looking at Vanilla absorbs ordors in your fridge if you have an open dish of it… so it could work out on your counter too… but the space may be too large.

The thing about paint was this:
“Painting the home and the fumes are too strong : Cut the smell of paint by adding a tablespoon of vanilla extract to 2 litres of paint.”

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leb0wski took my answer!

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Between the celling fan at full speed, all windows opened and a vanilla candle the room doesn’t smell any more, thanks all!!!

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viniger and bread

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Good to hear Markos!

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Durian fruit will over power it!

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It’s too late now, but next time use no-VOC paint.

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I wish I had heard of that no-VOC paint before I painted. :(

I did get rid of my plastic shower curtain though, that will help at least in the bathroom.

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