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If you don't need to leave the house, what time do you bother to change your clothes?

Asked by JLeslie (65545points) February 9th, 2016 from iPhone

If it’s your day off, or you work at home, and you have nowhere to go to at a specific time, do you still get up, shower, dress for the day, do your hair to the hilt, all in the early morning? Are you always dressed and ready to go, same as if you had to leave the house?

I ask because I’m staying with my inlaws and they really don’t lay around in comfy clothes and have a nice slow start some days. They always shower, and get ready, and put on street clothes. My MIL is a little “lazier” about it than 20 years ago, but I’m still much lazier than the rest of them. I’m not in my pajamas all day, but I’m often in sweats or loungewear, and after I shower I don’t style my hair and put on my makeup. I don’t shower first thing either. I eat breakfast first, so I am out in the family room and kitchen in the early morning in either what I slept in or I add a bra, or change to sweats, because I don’t want my FIL to be uncomfortable.

Do you alter your morning routine if guests are staying with you? If you were the guest would you follow the example of your hosts?

My sweats and loungewear can be worn out, they don’t look like pajamas, but I would only wear it to places like a quick run to the supermarket, a friend’s house, or the cafe they have here where they live.

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It’s cold here. When I get up I immediately put on the clothes I wore the previous day. That gives me time to take care of morning things: restart the fire, turn on the coffee maker, get the newspaper, ... I will then eat breakfast. Then I use the bathroom and get cleaned up.
If I am not going anywhere my clothes choices will be lower grade than if I am going out.

Note: I also get up and get dressed when there is a storm. I like to be ready.

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I’m like @JLeslie. I will stay in bed clothes, which are not typically pajamas, until I’m ready to go out. Then I’ll shower, do hair and make up. If I’m not going out all day, I may shower but it will be later. If I’m going to clean the house, it makes no sense to shower and then get dirty.

If I’m staying in, I won’t do anything to my hair other than wash and brush it. Almost never will someone come knocking unexpectedly. It’s rare for me to stay in all day. Usually I get restless and go out. I might wear yesterday’s jeans if I’m just running errands.

When I’m visiting people, I’ll get ready and put on clothes early. This is a reminder of why I wouldn’t want to live with another family.

My parents are like @JLeslie ‘s in -laws. They’ll shower early and put on street clothes. My mom will put on some make up.

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I wanted to clarify after reading @jca‘s response that if the pajamas I wore that particular night are very pajama looking I would change into loungewear or at least put on a bra (if you can see the outline of my breasts easily) before going out into the common spaces of the house if I’m staying with someone. Some of my pajamas look very pajama and some don’t.

Another thing with my inlaws is they never go barefoot or just socks in the house. Always shoes or slippers (always shoes if it’s daytime). This is in Florida. Florida where it’s warm, people are half naked and barefoot. Lol. I don’t do it. I can’t have shoes on all of the time. They aren’t from Florida.

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I think I asked a similar question on here a few months ago. Something like “what is your morning routine on days when you don’t go out? ” or something like that.

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Sometimes never.

I sleep naked, so in the morning I’ll put on my seats to keep warm.

I work out my house and sometimes I’ll never change out of them all day.

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I pretty much live in t-shirts, tank tops, and lounge pants or yoga pants unless I have somewhere to be. Then I’ll trade the yoga pants for jeans.

If I didn’t have to use a laundromat, I’d probably dress like an adult more often, but coin-laundry is expensive.

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I shower after my morning run & if it’s a “lazy” day, i’ll throw on something casual like an athletic vest & shorts, a pair of pink fwuffy bunny slippers sets the whole look off.

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I have ‘lounge clothes’ (sweats) that I keep next to the bed and pull on in the morning.
I wear them until I start my day or until 10–11 am, whichever comes first and calls for showering and dressing.

If I have company, I likely get up, shower, and dress, so as to be ready for whatever their day brings me.

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I’ve been thinking about this sice I read it this morning. It is 10:30. I’ve been up since 6:30. The temp is just at freezing. with about 2 cm of snow . Supposedly I am not going anywhere today. But I have already been out of the house at least 5 times. I went to my neighbor’s house to feed the birds while they are away. I returned home with the cover for his bird food container – some rodent got into it and chewed it up so I repaired it with duct tape and a strip of aluminum. I went back out to cover the container. Then I got the paper from my mail box. I ate breakfast. Then I went out to clean the snow off cars. Then I used the bathroom and took a shower and put on newer jeans and a clean shirt. Later I went out to put something in the fox feeder.
I’m not dressed up but I am dressed. This isn’t Florida.

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Hell, if I’m not going to be leaving the house, there’s not a whole lot of reason to get out of bed sometimes. I frequently like to lounge, read and nap all morning if I have the time available.

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I never feel quite right till I shower and dress, so even when I don’t have to go out I usually do both no later than mid-morning

The exception is when I’m ill or just feeling lousy. Those days I slob it up all day long.

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Usually, I follow my morning routine, as outlined here. If I am an overnight visitor, I usually follow the lead of my host, and get dressed, because there is usually something going on, such as we’re going somewhere, or someone else is coming to visit.

When we have overnight guests, I usually get dressed before I come downstairs in the morning.

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I usually dress in shirt, pants and socks for around the house. I put on a bra and shoes if I am going out.

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Since retiring, I don’t dress for work, but I do get dressed as soon as I’m up, and I’m decent to go out. The only difference is that I remain in my slippers until I absolutely have to put shoes on.

Oh, and I usually don’t wear earrings or any other jewelry around the house, but I do put them on before I go out, if there’s time. And a quick, light dab of lipstick.

I keep a spare pair of shoes by my desk so I can slip into them and grab my purse at a moment’s notice. Life has handed me enough surprises in the past few years that I pretty much stay in ready mode. When necessary I can go from asleep to out the door in a scant five minutes, ten if I have to pack provisions.

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My routine is always the same; shave, shower, dress, breakfast whether I’m working or not. I may be a little later getting up if I’m not working but I rarely get up after 8:30am.

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I am always in comfortable clothes as long as I am at home. I change back into them as soon as I get home, too. I wash my face and do something with my hair shortly after I wake up, I often change into different comfortable clothing that I haven’t slept in, but I loathe sitting at home dressed. I never wear shoes in the house.

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I wash my clothes every day. So it’s ok if I sleep in them. I toss them on the floor, one article at a time, as I warm up the bed.

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Since work had me up early in the shower and in rapid progression to out the door pdq for too long, now I laze, once free, and take my time at night. Music, steamy shower clouds and lavender scented soap. To bed in a camisole, Up- then a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, hair pulled up in a ponytail. (All being quite a cool shock when letting the dogs out in the snow.) I sometimes throw on a long-shirt for the honors. Yet, and often, I can get a call and be dressed decently and out the door backing out of the driveway in less than ten minutes. Four earrings in each earlobe stay put, so no worries about jewlery. It’s putting the shoes on that kills me. Blech.

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I typically wear lounge wear around the house and never shoes. I have down booties which keep my feet nice and toasty.

If I’m going out I might change. It depends upon where I’m going and how much like pjs my lounge wear looks. I have a lot in solid colors like blue or black so you really wouldn’t assume they’re pjs.

But I have some in plaid so I’m a little more careful where I wear them. But for the grocery store I don’t really care. I figure I’m spending money there and as long as I look neat and presentable (not half naked or barefoot ) they have no right to object to how I dress. And they don’t.

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If I’m at home and not planning to leave in the next 20 minutes I am definitely in some type of loungewear and I am NEVER wearing shoes! My dad wears shoes all day even when he’s watching TV. I don’t get it!

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I still get up, showered and dressed fairly early on my days off. My boyfriend usually gets to work for 8.30am so I tend to speak to him on the phone until he gets to work and then get up and start my day. Once I am awake I don’t lie in bed for much longer than 15 minutes.

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First thing in the morning, every morning unless I’m sick. I hate being in the same clothes all night and day. My Pj,s are so comfy and if I stay in them all day, I won’t feel like doing anything. After a while of not doing anything, I often feel sick and lethargic.

It’s just one of those things I guess. The same for making my bed before I leave my bedroom and washing my face first thing. Or like when I have to pee before leaving the house, even if I peed 10 minutes before.

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