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Question about some parts of a Super Bowl Commercial?

Asked by cofeka (154points) February 9th, 2016

I need to translate this video, but there are some parts I can’t hear clearly.

What are the parts of the transcript at 0:09, 0:20, 0:40 and 1:18 in this Super Bowl Commercial?

It sounds like:
1. – _ the black car 3 minutes away
– I’m not _ _ _
2. _ _ 9 is in pursuit of Toyota Prius, over.
3. We should get some flowers for the car.
4. – No, I was meditating.
– God. Go for a _ mode.

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1. “It says there’s a black car three minutes away” “I’m not taking one of those”

2. “Bravo niner in pursuit of a Toyota Prius, over”

3. “We should get some flowers for the car”

4. “Dude, did you fall asleep?” “No, I was meditating” [Can’t make out this next comment]

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The “Bravo Niner” capitalized, if you’re transcribing this, is a dispatcher’s call out to a police patrol car, designated “B9” and referenced by its “full name” while speaking.

The last line, after “No, I was meditating,” seems to be a whispered comment from a back seat passenger (also just awakened by the automatic braking of the car) saying something along the lines of, “Guys, we gotta…” I don’t know, “go for it”? maybe, or “go around here”.

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Best Guess: “Guys, we gotta go for it, slow”

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^^^That sounds about right

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“I was meditating”- the best line of the whole yearly commercial hullabaloo.

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