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Should I text him again?

Asked by PixieGirl98 (74points) February 10th, 2016

I talked about this before in one of my previous questions. Basically, I asked a guy to prom and he said yes. He’s rejected a lot of people in the past, but for someone reason he accepted my offer. He isn’t rude of standoffish to me, but in person he doesn’t look me in the eyes and fidgets around. We skyped before with another one of his friends for three hours and he told me he wanted me there, etc. Eventually, I texted him telling him that I want to get to know him better and he told me that he’s a bad texter and not to take it personally. I asked if there were other ways and suggested a few, but he just told me it was a hard question. We haven’t really texted since then. At school he’s not mean to me, he just doesn’t really approach me.

It sounds pathetic, but I’m just sitting by my phone hoping for a text. I haven’t sent anything since our last conversation, which was about two weeks ago. I’ve given him space and respect, but it hurts to get so little attention in return. I want to text him and maybe ask him out of curiosity why he said yes. I’ve liked this guy since freshman year, and when he said yes, I guess I got my hopes up. I just want to talk with him, and even if he just wants to be friends I would be okay with that. Any suggestions?

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Are you thinking he changed his mind about the Prom?

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Does his general behavior suggest he is nervous around girls? Or do you see him chatting with other girls? Perhaps he likes you and it makes him nervous. Maybe text him and just ask, “Hey are we still on for prom? I hope so and if so, who should we ride with?” or some similar prom question.

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@jca No, because we had to make a payment for transportation today and he paid, so prom is still on as of now.

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@BBSDTfamily Now that you point it out, he doesn’t really talk to many girls unless it’s school related. I’m friends with a lot of his friends, and one told me this is his first date ever.

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He might simply be shy around a girl he likes.

Please don’t feel pathetic. You’re not. Girls have been waiting by the telephone since its invention! Things were so much more unpleasant back in the days before emails, text messaging, and cellphones; girls would literally cancel plans and stay home, just hoping that the boy might call.

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Don’t text him. Walk up to him at school and talk to him.

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I agree with @zenvelo. The guy seems shy anyway, so don’t let him get in the habit of only being able talk to you through texting.

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He’s just nervous as hell. I’m sure he likes you, and is probably relieved when you initiate stuff, because he’s scared to death. Don’t wait by the phone, just call him. You’re probably going to have to make the first moves if you’re looking for a kiss at the end of the night—just saying be prepared for that.

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Let things be. Just wait for prom. You can talk then. If you make him not want to go because you are pushing it will not be a fun night. He made payment today without talking. Wait and let it be.Stop pushing.

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lack of eye contact is a red flag.I would be a bit wary of associating with this person. he may have more issues than you’re equipped to deal with.

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Don’t text him. Be different. Actually talk to him next time you see him at school. What a novel idea :)

If he told you not to take it personally that he doesn’t like texting, take him at his word and don’t expect a texting relationship.

Actual in person conversation is a lot better anyhow. It’s less impersonal.

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Sorrybut in my experience when somebody wants you, they make time for you. The others might be right and maybe he is shy with girls but the more likely scenario, and forgive me for saying this, is that he’s just not that into you.

If I were you, I would give him one more chance by asking him directly if he still wants to go to prom. Especially if tickets are going on sale soon and you need the commitment now.

If he doesn’t give you a straight answer or he acts noncommittal, I would say cut your losses and find somebody else to go with. Anything is better than being left in a lurch by somebody who isn’t that into you.

Best of luck and I hope you get what you want!

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@leavesnotrace She said he already paid for transportation.

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No, don’t text him again. If he really wants to talk to you, he’d call or text you himself.

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