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What program should I use to keep the books for a small media business?

Asked by JLeslie (65564points) February 11th, 2016 from iPhone

I’m possibly going to be working for a small media business (journalism) that is paid by companies like The New York Times and USA Today, and she pays journalists and reporters to do the work.

I’ve used Quickbooks in the past, but there seems to be several options. I know nothing about the other ones.

Basic bookkeeping, and also it would be great if there are alerts that let you know payment is due.

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FWIW…I use Sage Business Works in my business and though it is very robust compared to the Quickbook programs 15 years ago when we first got it, every time I ask my accountant for newer options she tells me most her clients are on Quickbooks. My new assistant took a class on Quickbooks and told me just today that she feels QB is “friendlier” and accomplishes all desired tasks easily.

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I use Quickbooks Online to help a friend manage some apartments. I much prefer working in the browser rather than having it tied to one single computer.

I recommend a class, at least an online class, I think it would save you a lot of time later.

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Oddly today was the first time my secy and I explored the options available with Quickbooks and as @jaytkay offers…the Cloud option offers a full menu of options via cloud based accounting you pick and choose to tailor the best version to hitch wagon to

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My husband uses MYOB and it’s very popular with small business here (according to their site over a million small businesses use the software). In the US, the same software is called Account Edge

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I use Quickbooks for OS X (the desktop version). I don’t trust Intuit with our company’s financial data on the cloud (I also prefer to buy/own my software instead of renting it). We have a Scansnap we use to scan everything and title/tag the documents according to an organizational scheme we came up with. We were audited a couple of years ago, and the IRS agent walked away owing us a little money and being thoroughly impressed with how organized we were. She would ask for a document/invoice/report/etc. and we could pull it up in just a few seconds.

OS X is fantastic for managing .pdf files. We have many tens of thousands of them going back close to 10 years.

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Came here to brag about Quickbooks :D
Quickbooks ftw!

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Have you heard of Freshbooks? I heard from a guy that he uses it when he had to make his own invoices.

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