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Should I tip? (more info below)

Asked by Lulu4500 (162points) February 12th, 2016

Please hurry before the pizza gets here, I’m in a pickle. I’m not the type to “send food back” but this is a very unique situation.

So me and a friend ordered pizza to my job. My office is in a warehouse type area at the end of a building. There are two doors, the door on the right has nothing but empty space, but the door on the left has the actual offices with people. So in the delivery instructions I state “come to the last patio, left door. Business name is in big letters in front of patio”.

An hour and a half passes and I get a phone call from the pizza store (and on top of that the person who called had an attitude). Apparently, the driver came here, walked in the door on the right (with no people), gave up and left. The driver did not call me at all and I didn’t receive a call until AFTER the driver had driven all the way back to their home store! So not only did the driver not follow instructions, but they also didn’t even attempt to call me.

So I told them yes we definitely are here, your driver didn’t go in the right door or call, and asked them to please remake the pizzas since they were beyond cold at this point. I also told the lady on the phone to advise her drivers to call their customer when they are on location instead of driving all the way back.

Was I wrong? Should I still tip the driver when they come back? Will they poison my food? I don’t know what to do and I’m kinda paranoid that they will pee in my food or something; but it wasn’t even my fault in the first place! HALP!

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It depends on the delivery person.

Is it someone obviously young and inexperienced, and apologetic? Or is it someone who is obviously been delivering pizzas for a while and has a shitty customer service attitude?

And, from that, I would also weigh my decision on whether to eat it or not.

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All I know is if I was the delivery guy I would not expect a tip for my mistake. If you are on the fence on this one…if they are genuinely apologetic and admit their mistake then a tip may be in order.

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You have to realize that part of this is on you. In fact, you doubled down on the incorrectness when you re-stated to the person on the phone to “use the right door”. I would not be at all surprised if a new driver makes the exact same mistake, because you said to use “the right door”, and that was undoubtedly repeated – with attitude – by the person who took the order.

If you’re ordering from someone who has never delivered to your establishment before, and the directions can be confusing – as they obviously can with your setup – then it’s partly on you to be on the lookout for a confused guy wandering around with a pizza carton, at which point you should greet him with a smile, thank him for showing up, and if you’re planning to do this again, show him the best way in and out.

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I’d order from another pizza place so there’d be no worries about them doing something to your food.

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Lookat the slip when the driver gets there and see what the instructions are. The driver may not have been the one to take the call and industrial buildings or businesses can be very confusing even if other drivers have been there if that driver hasn’t then they may have had no way of knowing. they should have called while they were on site but the attitude might be just frustration from not being able to find the place. having delivered pizzas myself I can tell you the vast majority of houses and businesses don’t have an address that you can see from the street, most people don’t have their porch lights on, and when there’s a mistake made they generally take it out on the driver who is usually the person with the most to lose and the least to say about the entire process. check the slip and see if the instructions are there.

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the above was written with the talk text. I apologize. it doesn’t capitalize or punctuate. I hate it.

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I almost always tip. It might not be the drivers fault. I get my KFC and pizza very fast. I don’t tip when they sneak into the building.

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Reordering from the same place was a mistake regardless of who was at fault for the mixup. You are at minimum guaranteed your original pies warmed over and probably overcooked.

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Not wrong at all. I agree with others though. I would have refused to pay for it and not ordered from there again.

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I’m a bit in shock that you wrote all of that about ordering a pizza for your lunch hour. I didn’t read it though. The answer is always the same; if you want to tip, tip. Be a rebel.

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