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Is the American Apparel catalogue pornographic?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) July 25th, 2008

For example, this picture or this one or this one (adult content for sure on the last one, watch out)

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pretty close…definitely NSFW

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Wow. I agree NSFW!

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as in “not safe for work” ?

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NSFW Maybe, but Porno? Not in this girl’s book.

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I agree, it’s not porno. But, just like CK and A&F, it’s NSFW and using sex and trendiness to sell their clothes rather than anything else.

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(click) (click) (click)

I’ll need to investigate further.

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Kinda sleazy but their shirts are top quality, and they’re made in the USA sweatshop-free.

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@PnT Ha ha Always finding the positive!

Not porn. A little much for a clothing catalog? Yes.

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Well, in my option being a photographer I would say no. As far as appropriate for a fashion catalog? It depends, seeing as it is aimed at the high fashion world, I don’t think any one there cares, its like what leb0wski said, they are just using sex to sell their product, like beer or JCPenny.

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@jtvoar16 JCPenny? Really? The ads for them always look geared towards older people to me. But it’s been a while since I’ve seen their catalog. Have they changed?

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sorry, that was an old joke from my past. One year the newspaper printed all the adds wrong and JCPenny wound up to be vitory’s secret.

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Sexual yes. Pornographic no. Not in my opinion anyway.

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Naughty, yes. Looking over my shoulder at work, yes. Porn, uh-uh.

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I guess it depends on how you (clears throat) use it…

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Should girls be ashamed of having breasts?

That shirt and underwear are WOMENS clothing items, so most likely, barring the 14 year old (or 40 year old) with too much time and an internet connection, the only people viewing these pics are other WOMEN who might want to buy the shirt. They might think its SEXY and want to look SEXY like that women in the ad.

To ask “Is this porno?”, are you that programmed into “women’s body = sex object”? When you see a woman’s body, you are disgusted?

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I think you’re taking the question just a little too seriously, wakeup. They’re practically naked. Many images of naked women are porn. It’s a valid question.

Your last question doesn’t make any sense to me: “when you see a woman’s body, you are disgusted?” what does that mean? i’m not disgusted by women’s bodies. i’m not disgusted by art. i’m not disgusted by porn. i don’t understand what being disgusted has to do with anything….

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I don’t think it’s pornographic at all. Sex has been used to sell clothing (and everything else) for a very long time… (I hate to sound condescending, but…) have you ever seen a fashion magazine before?

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Yes, I have, thanks. Have you ever seen nipples in Vogue?

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I@jb & wakeup I don’t think chica personally thinks it porno, she was just asking if anyone else did. I’m sure some fundi group out there thinks its porno.

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I’ve seen nipples in Vogue tons of times, although I stick more to GQ and Details (which also occasionally features nipples)

And I totally understand where you’re coming from, I just think “pornographic” is a strong word, and the American Apparel stuff doesn’t even come close. I mean, I’m from NYC and I remember when I was a kid and the CK billboards went up in Times Square which had nearly naked little kids, and even that was hard to call pornographic. Certainly provocative and maybe even exploitative, but not pornographic, not in my opinion.

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On the cover? (see 3rd link)
tiny—that’s exactly what i was doing.

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Oh, my bad! No, not on the cover. But I really don’t think nipples = pornography. Or even sex.

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i don’t think nipples = pornography either! that’s why i told tiny she was exactly right! why are you trying to pick a fight with me?

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Oh! No, not at all- I didn’t mean to be argumentative, I just made an incorrect assumption and was attempting to explain myself. Fighting is the last thing I’m in the mood for! It’s friday


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That last picture isn’t an American Apparel ad. It’s a magazine cover… And it’s still not quite “pornographic”. There’s a difference between using women’s bodies to sell a product and simply using them to get off… Not that it’s quite right either way.

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You people get catalog’s?

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@crunch cringe lol

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Haha, I really don’t think it’s pornographic at all. If anything, it could be considered art.

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