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Mods, can you see all what us jellies' activities?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (18091points) February 13th, 2016

I saw one post of a mod in a thread saying that the OP of the thread went to check the thread but did nothing. It makes me wonder, can the mods see all what normal jellies do? I already know that the mods can see who GQ or QA who, but more subtle things like seeing when people check a thread?

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Actually, we can’t see who gives GAs/GQs to whom. We can see top givers and receivers of lurve for each user, but not for what it was given.

We have the ability to look at recent PM activity, but we only resort to this in the rare ccasions when we’re investigating possible abuse (c’mon, you guys aren’t exactly the Kardashians).

We can, of course, see the IPs that a member uses, as well as other accounts tied to that IP. Otherwise, we can’t see more of who does what than the rest of you can.

Mimishu, your shoe’s untied.

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@thorninmud I see what you did there ! ! !

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You tricky devils!
How shocking!

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I’m having tofu & broccoli for dinner. But, I guess you mods already know that…

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I had a microwave potato. With salt and pepper covered in melted margarine. $25 saved by not ordering KFC.

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(tie shoes)

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@thorninmud Who are my top givers and receivers? I’m curious.
Totally not what she said..

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@Mimishu1995 I was sorta surprised by that answer on the Q you referred to also. (And I’m not a mod but you have spinach between your teeth.)

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It is logged when you visit a thread. It might not be visible to the mods but Andrew one day was telling everyone in chat what % of all the questions asked we had clicked on. This info is sitting in a database somewhere.

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He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake…

Yes, Virginia, there is a Fluther clause (regarding privacy).

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I think when @SavoirFaire said “he stopped by to check them” he meant that HC had logged in.

Anyone can see when another user has been active.

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@janbb I brushed my teeth already :p

@dammitjanetfromvegas anyone can see that. I’m just curious that @SavoirFaire knew that HC actually checked the thread. HC could have unfollowed it.

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Like @johnpowell said, the Founders are omniscient when it comes to your Fluther acitivites. The mods, however, do not have access to everything you do (that’s what the hidden cameras are for). Still, my comment was based on more than just seeing that HC had logged in. He and I were looking at the question at the same time, and there was a brief blip when HC started crafting a response (probably by mistake). I have no idea if he has checked it since then (though I strongly suspect he has).

P.S. You left the oven on, @Kardamom.

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@SavoirFaire Ah crap! Now I’ve burned the peanut butter cookies!

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Along the lines of what @johnpowell said, mods “don’t see” who GA’d/GQ’d who, but the information is sitting in a database somewhere. It has to be sitting in a database somewhere. If it weren’t, there would be nothing preventing people from GAing the same post 20 times.

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Hi Phi!

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