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What is this Hillary bashing?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42473points) February 13th, 2016

Everyone’s in on it. Both Republicans and Democrats. At least, it looks that way on Facebook.

Our only two choices are Bernie and Hillary, so why are the Dems jumping on the bandwagon?

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In my honest opinion Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth
and the name Bernie makes my skin crawl! Anyone who wins this
race will do a much better job than Obama but Hillary comes in a
close second to Obama. I believe he is working WITH our enemies.

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@MooCows Why does the idea of a president named “Bernie” make your skin crawl?

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Wow. I was kind of looking for specifics, @MooCows. And evidence to back up those specifics.

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I think that she is overly nice and pretending enthusiasm. I would like to see her being herself. She is wide eyed and bushy tailed when the camera is on. She is like the “mom” on Futurama nice in public and herself in private. I would still vote for her except I’m Canadian. Even though I cancelled my cable I still listen to the US election on the radio, YouTube and international news .
Answering the OP all public figures have supporters and those who aren’t fans. Also all public figures attract trolls.

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The thing I’m most afraid of is Hillary getting the nomination due to superdelegates, and pissed off liberals not voting at all because of it, clinching the win for the Republican nominee.

People need to chill the fuck out and play the long game.

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@RedDeerGuy1 But usually the bashing of a Democratic candidate comes from the Republicans and vise versa. This is the first time I’ve seen everybody seeming to jump in, including the dems who are voting for Bernie. I’m trying to understand why.

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@Dutchess_III Boredom? At least there is some enthusiasm for politics. I’m in it for the Lurve and LOL’s. I hold no grudge against any politician.

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@Dutchess_III She is not a choice, she is old guard and part of the oligarchy. She is a political insider and is in this to feed her massive ego. She has nearly the same psychological profile as Trump. To be fair I really see zero choices in this election. We have no candidates that really represent us. If you are a democrat Bernie is your guy. If you are a republican it’s likely Rubio. Neither really inspire me but I’ll likely take Rubio since I lean a little to the right on most days.

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Did O’Malley drop out? I don’t like the bashing. I really don’t get the people who hate her for staying married. I assume most of them aren’t married?

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Hillary’s popularity and polls are no different than they have been since the beginning of her time…she looks great on paper and the minute she begins a candidacy, her negatives go through the roof.
People simply don’t like her.

The impression is that she’s never done anything in her life without calculating what she can get in return. Turn about is fair play…nobody’s willing to give her anything resembling support without getting their pound of flesh in return.
She’s never appeared to be a generous person. Don’t be surprised when people are stingy with their support.

Much as I never thought I’d say it, I’d take Jeb Bush over all the current candidates.

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@Seek :: There was the same sort of fears in 2008 when Obama beat Hillary. In the end everyone came together.

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I would say mainly because she is on the wrong side of the real and important main issue, which is corporate ownership of our government. The Republican versus Democrat drama is a distraction, and not what’s really happening, no matter how insane and awful the Republicans look. It’s not enough to be not a Republican, not enough to be not a crazy maniac, and not enough to be a Democrat pretending to support the people and to resist the corporations who donate millions and millions to their campaign. Especially not when Bernie Sanders is an alternative.

Because Hillary is part of the corporate corruption problem, and Sanders is not.

Because Sanders is clearly outstandingly honest and for the people and on the good side of pretty much every issue, and Hillary is clearly not.

Because the media has been ignoring Sanders for so long, and acting like Hillary was the only plausible candidate.

Because many in the Democratic Party have been acting like we can’t really choose the honest, pro-people candidate, and need to accept the corporate-funded establishment candidate.

Because Hilary supported things like the war in Iraq, the Patriot Act, the Keystone XL pipeline, the bank bailout, the TPP, fracking, and other industry positions, while Sanders does not.

Because Hilary seems to change her positions and tries to pretend she has the same positions as Sanders, after she finds out Sanders’ positions are popular.

Because there are various stories that show that she is a politician who gives lip service to positions when they are popular, but then doesn’t really support them.

See also:

A great article by a woman about why she’s not for Clinton:

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Hillary did the same tactics that many politicians did. She keeps quiet on many issues until she gets financial backing. Difference is that when a woman does it, she’s a liar and when a man does it, he’s playing it smart.

The media has a big influence in how they portray Hillary. Most of the people who I believe bash her the most are the republicans because they believe they will have another 8 years of Obama via Hillary. I don’t believe all the nasty voices are from Bernies camp. They are mostly Republican trolls. But Bernie does have some nuts following him. I’m glad that he isn’t the type of person who thinks its ok for them to say or do things that he wouldn’t approve.
Bernie can afford to come out strong on topics because he will be seen as strong and dogmatic. A woman will be seen as a bitch and egomaniac.

Right away, her marriage was under attack which has nothing to do with her run for presidency. She has been called old and ugly and bitter because women can only be young and sweet and pretty.

It happens in corporate jobs across the world and this is the biggest job of all.
I remember even hearing reports say that she screams when she is campaigning but when they hear the guys yell loudly on the mic they are being enthusiastic, energetic, magnetic and have an infectious personality. Hillary is often called boring, aggressive, loud and irritating. And I’ve listen to her talk to the crowd. In comparison she isn’t half as loud as the rest. But you know. Women are suppose to be pretty and never talk, unless told to talk.

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Difference is that when a woman does it, she’s a liar and when a man does it, he’s playing it smart.

I really hate being told I’m sexist for having a legitimate complaint about a candidate.

Bernie can afford to come out strong on topics because he will be seen as strong and dogmatic. A woman will be seen as a bitch and egomaniac.

No, Hillary will be seen as a hypocrite, because she has taken financial backing and openly opposed the things that Bernie is “dogmatically” fighting for.

As the proud owner of girl-parts, I will not be bullied into supporting a candidate solely because they happen to also have girl-parts.

She’s not the best candidate in the race. Full stop.

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Does it count as bashing if the things people say are true? The interests own her. She is one of the people who are willing to see to it that others will have less than they need so that she can have more than she needs. I fail to see how pointing that out is “bashing”.

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Thank you very much you guys. In one of the articles it was noted that the younger generation is “fired up.” I am pleased to announce that my son, who is 28, and has always been lethargic about voting because he thinks it really won’t make any difference, told me the other day he’s going to register to vote for the first time in his life. For Bernie. Maybe his sisters will follow his lead.

Yes, @Jak even if things are true it counts as bashing, if the “truth” is brought up over and over and over, and really doesn’t have much bearing on anything (Benghazi comes to mind.)

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@Jak and @Seek, I spoken to plenty people who recite she is a liar and so forth without giving any evidence that they have actually read from a reputable article. It doesn’t make you sexists if you find all people of all sex that behaves a certain way through the same lens. When people attribute things to her because she is female and let it slide for the opposite sex, then it is sexist. Men are simply not called out for the same thing as women in the media. I get being against her because she takes corporate funding but so do most of the republicans and is is barely a foot note.

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@Pandora The sniper fire she landed through in Bosnia, being named after sir Edmund Hillary, Chelsea jogging around the world trade center on 911, an anti-islamic video was to blame for Bengazi… Lying is not illegal but the e-mail thing is and it’s also centered around being able to hide and manipulate communications. People want to down play it for some reason but it’s actually kind of a big deal. Sanders does not show this kind of behavior. This has nothing to do with her gender, it’s about her being fit to lead the nation.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Sorry, the email thing is also nothing but a Republican white elephant, blown way out of proportion for political gain. She did not send classified information on her private email. The worst you can say is that she sent stuff that was SUBSEQUENTLY classified but I find it hard to assess blame on an coulda/shoulda/woulda basis.
Not a Clinton fan btw

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I got your back on this one, @rojo, on both accounts.

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@rojo how do you figure? There is not really any gray here. It violates federal law. Why people want to call it a white elephant or whatever is the only political part. This is not a high penalty offense but it would get people fired. She can have and use a personal server but where she crossed the line is using it exclusiely and for her work in public office. Really easy to see what she was doing. She knew it. No reason to defend her on this.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Because if it were really a big deal, they would’ve been able to nail her on it. So the best they can do is keep and investigation open to (which by the way they haven’t been able to nail her on anything for over a year) make it seem like she did something absolutely horrendous. If she doesn’t become President, watch all the innuendo and investigation go away. They didn’t press hard for an investigation until she decided she was going to run for President. The timing tells me everything about it. Any other politician simply would’ve been relieved of their position. They would have to prove that classified information leaked from her computer to really nail her and it seems like they have not been able too.

Also she gave permission for the government to release her emails to the public, but they didn’t want too. It could be a play on her part to look innocent, but it could also be a play on the governments part to hide things that should be public but would make them look bad. We will never know. But there is one thing I can conclude from this. If it was as bad as they make it out to be, then she would’ve been in jail already.

I give her credit for being a smart person and being able to know what is legal and illegal. I mean, she is an attorney. And I’m willing to bet that plenty of them use personal email accounts to sometimes send messages that they don’t think or know to be a security concern.

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@Pandora That was so well put. They couldn’t nail her on a thing, but they’re keeping the investigation open to imply that she did something wrong. For some folks, implication, no matter how unreasonable, is all it takes. I mean, look at all the shit Obama has been through because of unfounded, utterly ridiculous implications.

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It’s an ongoing investigation. We won’t hear much of anything until it has concluded. It most certainly is a serious thing.

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Maybe I am just being cynical but I think it will continue to be an “ongoing investigation” for as long as she is around so, if she doesn’t get the bid then the investigation is “over” if she becomes Prez. then expect the investigation to last another 4 – 8 years.

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@rojo The truth is never cynical. It’s just the truth.

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The investigation was concluded last year @ARE_you_kidding_me. People insinuate that it’s still on-going to perpetuate mistrust of her.

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Since when? It’s still ongoing. It’s not the GOP investigating it is the FBI.

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Do you have a link?

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Well @ARE_you_kidding_me. Kind of looks like the FBI investigation most likely isn’t going to show much either. Here is why Hillary is unlikely to be indicted.

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What I don’t understand:
If the goddamn emails were so super important and secret, how is it that nobody ever noticed they were missing?
Was there no one from Condoleezza Rice’s office to notice or mention that Hillary should be on official State Department email accounts maintained on federal government servers??
No one of any import noticed she had committed this hideous breech of security until two years after she left?
Much ado about nothing, started about the time Clinton began running for President dragged out for months and months for maximum embarrassment.
My guess? Dies with a whimper.

I don’t like Clinton, but shitty politics is shitty politics, and going along with that has given us Donald Trump for President.

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It is an ongoing investigation to keep people happy that it is “getting looked into”.
But come on..she will never get indited for any/all the crimes she has committed.
I believe she is a politician whore and would be almost a worse president than
Obama…..but just almost.

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