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What is Pyrite, and is it harmful to anyone and anything?

Asked by flo (12974points) February 14th, 2016

As asked.

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Pyrite is a mineral – you probably have heard of it as “fool’s gold”.

Is it harmful? Well, not if it’s lying around in rocks. Eating handfuls of pyrite is probably not a good idea. Context is important. In what context do you ask about it being harmful?

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Pyrite is mined to make sulfuric acid and sulfur dioxide.

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Can it end up in a house the same way Radon can? And some indication (its and, radon’s too) of its presence so that a lay person can go ahead ans call a Professional?

This is a question I heard, or read I can’t remember, but didn’t get to hear the answer.

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….I meant “And Is there some indication of its (as well as Radon’s) so that a lay person can go ahead and call a professional?”

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