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Would you sail on the new Titanic replica ship with free passage?

Asked by Aster (19949points) February 14th, 2016

No way. Not the maiden voyage, at least.

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Only if it is in first class.

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Sure! It would be a pleasure except for having to help all those people who climb over the railing because they want to be “King of the World”

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I’m in! Wife is too!

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Sounds like bad Karma to me. I’ll pass.

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Totally.. There are a lot less icebergs now.

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I’m down. Where do I sign up?

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Only if it was sailing someplace warm…

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Hope that they have learned from the last Titanic this time.

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Yup. Why not.

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I see no Karmic risk in being on the passenger list of a modern day Titanic. I’m confident that no expertise or expense will be spared in design, construction, technology and crew selection to make the new Titanic as safe as is humanly and technologically possibles

As for free fare, it’s not an issue for me because I have no interest in taking a cruise.

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^^^ That’s what they said about the first one.

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Of course! Why not? I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits or luck.

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Actually, there may be MORE icebergs now, @johnpowell, as the warming is causing the flows to calve more often.

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Reminds me of something I saw on a trip to the British Isles back in the 80’s..

In a loo, in London I believe, there was a condom machine that had an official looking sticker on it that said “Conforms to All Applicable Government Standards”. Underneath someone had scratched “So did the Titanic”.

I have never forgotten this lesson.

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So, don’t drunk-drive your condom into an iceberg.

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^^ more like an ice queen will rip you a new one and sink you boat if you f*ck with her. ^^

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