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What is the max pressure a 14 oz bernzomatic style propane tank can hold?

Asked by XOIIO (18283points) February 15th, 2016

Been scouring the web for a bit but I haven’t found much helpful information, I’m trying to find out how much pressure one of those long, 14 oz bernzomatic style propane tanks, for small propane torches, can contain safely.

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I just looked on my Bernzomatic (14.1 oz)

228 is the service pressure, 286 is the test pressure.

printed right on he label on the blue canister.

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Strange, maybe in Canada they just don’t need to print that info. That’s well within the limits for one of my projects, and probably a light air cannon too, but the main use would be setting up four or six of them together for a portable air tank, after draining them out, cleaning, drilling and tapping, etc.

I have some full ones but can’t bring myself to waste that much propane, even if it is cheap.

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That is interesting. They’re made in Ohio, so I would think that they would bear US labels… but what do I know?

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Yeah, they have the warning about not refilling them, and it being a federal offense under us code whateveritis, but no pressure rating, just the capacity.

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The vapor pressure of propane at 50C is about 20 bar ~300 psi. .

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