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Do you have bad ( or good) memories from your school days from k- PhD?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13196points) February 15th, 2016

Care to share?

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Pretty fucking horrible to be honest. It was pretty much constant bulling and being called faggot until my sophomore year in high school. Then I found my people who didn’t treat me like shit but always forgot that I was alive. There was some bulling in high school but my friend Zach who was friends with the Laotian gangsters in the school apparently sent out a message to protect me.. I learned about this years after I left High School.

But smooth sailing in college. I did my shit and was left alone.

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The worst part of school, k-12, was waking up in the morning. It was literally painful for me. In college I scheduled late-ish classes most of the time.

I learned quite a bit k-12. I didn’t really appreciate it at the time. I didn’t really like being at school, it was just something I was forced to do by my parents in my mind at the time. Thank goodness for elective classes. Being able to pursue classes I was more interested in helped. Plus, having some classes that were easy or got me out early really helped to get me through.

I think if I were in school today I would do much worse because of some of the common core requirements, but with the possibility of some relief from the whole early morning torture now that some school districts accept the research that teenagers need more morning sleep.

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K-12 was a mixed bag, I went to a bunch of different schools, some I was popular and others I was bullied. College was a long drawn out process but I enjoyed it greatly

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K-4 was mostly just me being too smart for my own good and living deep in imagination land with my best friend. By 5–8 I was already socially awkward and got picked on a lot. Other girls went to seemingly great lengths to pull mean pranks on me, I don’t know what the point was. 9–12 is mostly just a whirlwind of medical drama in my memory now. College was awesome.

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To be honest, I have never really been liked until recently. From kingdergarten to high school I was treated like some kind of alien, especially by the kids. I knew too much and too little, and that only added to the drama. I could never understand how the kids worked, they seemed so silly and confusing at time. Some of my thoughts that were later confirmed to be advanced beyong my age were regarded as stupid. But as a child I had extremely low self-esteem and I gave up my identity just to fit in. Sometimes it worked, but other times they didn’t care, or it even just made me more pathetic in front of the classmates.

High school was the worst. Everyone treated me like I didn’t existed. Nothing I said passed anyone’s ears and most of the time I sounded like I was talking to myself. In class’ photos I could never find my face. After a while I just stop trying and caring altogether. I don’t even remember anyone’s names.

I only received the like I want during the second year of college, the first time I’ve been so happy at school. Before that was a big drama started by some unfaithful friends. Well, there will be more drama, but at least I’m not an idealist as I used to be.

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Like @JLeslie, I hated getting up early. That part was torture for 13 years.

From age six to ten, I was very shy, but a good student. Teachers and kids liked me, I just couldn’t quite believe that.

Age 10 to 11, I was still well-liked by the teachers – slightly bullied by some boys in my class, though.

Then, I went to school in Korea for two years. I fit in perfectly, there. People liked me, and this time, I knew it!

Age 13 to 16, I was back with the bullies. They never hurt me, just made fun of me. I got a handle on them during my last year.

Age 16 to 18, I was entirely happy with my fellow students. I found a great group of friends, and got along well with most teachers.

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K-12 I got along better with the teachers than I did the kids. I’ve, thankfully, repressed most of the bullying. I can’t even remember the bullies’ names, though I’m assured by friends that some of them have already died due to accidental overdoses. Meth and pills are really big in my former hometown.

I still haven’t been to college, since I can’t justify paying for a degree in something that isn’t hiring.

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K-12 was fine until I came out of the closet in middle school. From then on, I received death threats and rape threats. College was much better. I barely had to deal with any bullshit as an undergrad. I mean, there are religious bigots everywhere, and I fought it out with some people in class discussions, but no one ever aimed a gun at me. So a definite step up.

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I was always bored and felt much of what was being taught was stupid and irrelevant. I did well enough but was a moderately gifted kid and always struggled to keep attention and focus on what I considered dull and repetitive task work.
I have always been more the self taught type, and flourish in an open and less structured environment. I remember fighting with an art teacher about having to draw a soup can, I completely refused and drew a complicated picture of a stone building.

She was not pleased with my disobedience but couldn’t deny the quality of my drawing. haha
I hate being told what to do, I loathe repetitive task work, just leave me alone and let me do my own thing. I found school to be far too structured for my creative personality style.

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