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Does anyone have experience with Amazon keywords?

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5674points) February 16th, 2016

My client is selling some items on Amazon and needs me to come up with 5 keywords for each. Does anyone have some pointers?

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Can you look up similar items and see what key words bring them up?

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Well that depends on what you’re selling. The keywords for pyrography supplies are way different that the keywords for cell phone cases.

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Just want to add that I’m a librarian and unless you have access to a controlled language playing around and seeing results is what you do. After a while, you get a feel for how the database is structured.

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As @janbb says, look up similar items and see what categories they’re under.
You don’t have to confine yourself to Amazon. eBay is an obvious place where it’s easy to drill down and come up with both general and specific key words.

This might also help;
Meta Keywords: How a Meta Keyword Plays a Small but Important Role in Search Engine Marketing
I have a sort of’plug-and-play website’ and they have a place for meta words. The Generator might be generally helpful with what you’re looking for.

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except that most thesauri and ontologies tend to follow – not lead the subject areas. So depending on the ‘newness’ of what is to be described, there may not be a vocabulary.

I did my MLS thesis on that….

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I thought @janbb was talking about looking up similar items for sale, @elbanditoroso?

If so, there’s no need to be more cutting edge than that.
A simple Google search gives you “Searches related to…” at the bottom and that’s going to be a good lead as to what keywords are working for an item.

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Amazon is the worst when it comes to searching. They are going to show you what they want to regardless of your search terms. If you search for 100% cotton black 400 TC sheet sets, they will just show you sheet sets. Today I made a horrible discovery about the “new” Amazon…..........the one that wants to put Walmart out of business. Yes, it was really bad and included a phone call to their customer service. They didn’t even deny what I accused them of. I couldn’t believe it. Of course they took care of it but probably 1% will go to the trouble to reach them by phone. It isn’t as easy as it used to be. I have shopped there since all they had was books many years ago. I can state my informed opinion that they have taken a dive toward hell.

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@MollyMcGuire – if you search for sheet sets, you can use the options on the left to narrow the results by color, thread count, size, etc.

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@seek that was just an example. I know about the filters on the left. But the search itself is frustrating…...........has always been frustrating. Thanks though.

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I agree that Amazon’s search function is wonky at best. I tend to look for specific items, complete with model number, and still have issues whenever I go to Amazon for price comparison.

Having at one or two keywords that are very specific. For instance, last time I was there shopping for a new motherboard and CPU, I looked for items that contained the word “Haswell” to weed out stuff that would be a downgrade.

In general, you want a couple of broad keywords (like “motherboard”), one or two semi-specific ones (like a brand name), and one or two that are specific enough that someone like me who is looking for nothing except that exact item might get your item as a search result.

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