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At what point do you start viewing events as planned or synchronized and not as mere coincidences?

Asked by cmadline (54points) February 17th, 2016

I’m not a confrontational person, so since childhood, whenever I hated someone I would wish for him or her to get terminally sick or die. After learning about evolutionary theory, I expanded my wishes. Instead of just wishing sickness and death to the person I hated, I extended the wish upon his or her kids and family members so that their genetic legacy dies with them.

Looking back now at all the success I had with my wishes, at what point do I stop viewing them as coincidences and start seeing them as synchronized with my wishes? Subjectively, it seems that it works for me. Statistically plausible. Objectively, there is no proof.

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Welcome to Fluther I guess. Remind me to stay on your good side. I’m smiling right now. I’m hopeful that you won’t extend your successful bad wishes on an entire species…

If you can point to a clear record of successful wishes and executions (so to speak), AND if you’re honest in finding few or no failures (which I would doubt), then you might begin to look for the mechanism by which your wish is a cause that has the desired effect. Don’t be like gamblers who boast of all their winnings, and conveniently forget all of the times – far more numerous and far more costly – when they failed.

This would have to be replicable, and the mechanism would have to be one by which an objective observer could conclude that your wish has demonstrable effects. Otherwise, another observer may determine that your list of hated people is only of people who are already in extremis, on Death Row or otherwise at extreme risk of dying from other causes, whether ‘natural’ or not.

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Correlation is not causation.

And, over time, wishing death upon any number of people will eventually have a 100% wish fulfillment rate.

So, unless you are specifically causing the death of anyone, I would not ascribe it to anything except coincidence.

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Well on the one hand I too am fairly certain that all of my enemies, their relatives and descendants- all of them will die. The problem is that the same is true of me and mine. So are you saying that you’re able to wish folks dead and they drop within the week?

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Best not to believe it. If it were true then it becomes possible that someone else might wish something worse on you.

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Not possible. That said, I can’t fathom why you would wish anything ill on completely innocent people who didn’t hurt you in any way.

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Using your personal energy to hate and wish unfortunate actions upon others is negative energy and takes a lot of it to sustain this direction you are going. Sooner or later it will catch up with you in the form of sickness and disease. Impossible sustain this without an equal and opposite reaction that will come your way…AKA Karma.

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When they occur more often than odds will allow.

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There were failures, but the successes outweigh them. If what I wished for didn’t happen within a couple of years or didn’t happen at all, then I considered it a failure.

I don’t think everyone can replicate it. I have no understanding of the mechanism, but I found something that resembles it. Some people have a stronger energy/aura than others which can affect another positively or negatively depending on the effort. I’m not sure if this can be observed in motion. I just think it works for me.

I can’t say with certainty that the people I hated were already susceptible to illness or death, but it didn’t seem likely considering their present state of condition and how it drastically overturned. The first two times this happened was in elementary school. I wished illness and death on two supposedly normal, healthy students that I thought were complete assholes. This was in 5th grade. By 8th grade one of the boys died from leukemia and another was killed by a drunk driver. As I got older, my wishing criteria expanded to people’s political affiliations after I understood what impact it has on society. That is when I started applying it to groups of people at a time.

@stanleybmanly, @zenvelo ^^^^


They didn’t hurt me physically, but their behavior raised a level of disgust in me. They offended my tastes and senses. Now while their family and kids were not involved, the traits are passed on environmentally and genetically. I don’t want a legacy of that behavior in this world.


Karma is a spiritual concept of buddhism or hinduism. I don’t believe in that. I’m an atheist. Energy on the other hand is something I would consider due its physical nature. Whether I continue or stop will not deviate someone else from wishing illness on me. It could happen and it is out of my control.

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Karma is simply cause and effect. Act like an asshole and people will treat you like an asshole. It isn’t some mystical force that punishes bad folks and rewards good folks.

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How, then, can cruiser apply karma to me if no one knows I’m wishing them sickness and death? They can’t treat me in the same manner as I treat them if they don’t know what I’m doing to them.

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Well you probably can’t go around wishing sickness and death on anyone who disagrees with you without coming across as an asshole, so there’s that.

Also, karma is one of the most misunderstood concepts on the planet.

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How many people have you wished dead that have died and in what time period?

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Right, but that only applies if I tell them I’m going to wish for their death. I don’t make that public. I’m not confrontational in that sense. Even if they were made aware of what I’m doing, that doesn’t mean that they can wish illness on me and it would be as effective as mine is to them. There is also no guarantee that if I were to stop, it would deviate others from wishing illness on me.

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No, I’m not speaking of them knowing that specifically, but more in your general behavior. There’s no way you can go about with that kind of attitude and it not filter out into your overall behavior.

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I agree with both @Cruiser and @Darth_Algar

Harboring extreme anger and hatred and wishing death on others is extremely bad for you and your health. That’s about as passive aggressive as it gets and whatever deaths have occurred of those you despise are either A. mere coincidence, or B. based on people whom have lead high risk lifestyles, like excessive drinking, smoking, drugging, overweight, reckless driving, extreme sports etc.
There’s no magic in your ill willed thoughts, the high risk factors proceed your thoughts and sooner or later everyone dies anyway. If you wished death on someone 30 years ago when they were 30, and they die at 60, well. haha

Karma also is, as has been mentioned, nothing more than cause and effect. For you to have so many enemies must mean that you too are an enemy of many. Wishing others to die is about as effective as making voodoo dolls.

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@cmadline Karma IMO is simply energy we all share that got a labeled with a new age rap that many simply will choose to ignore because it is not defined by their religions. We as a collective society will never ever agree upon the mystical aspects of why we are here in the first place and I see no purpose to expecting that everyone agree either. To each his own…live your life spiritually as you see fit and I and others will do the same…I just wish I could have more open conversations with others who were not so blinded by their religious convictions.

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You don’t need these details to share your opinion.


I would maybe agree with you if I didn’t see the successful results of my wishes. Even if I’m making an illusionary connection between my wish and the result, it is still cathartic. I don’t wallow in my hatred. I just make a daily conscious effort to wish it.

If you read my response to cwotus, I am only talking about short-term results, no greater than a few years. If wished it and it happened within a few years, I considered it a success. If nothing happened, or it was over 5 years, I considered it a failure. There were a lot more successes than failure, so it got me curious about whether these were mere coincidences, or somehow synchronized to my wishes.

It wouldn’t surprise me if I am an enemy of someone else. I could be offending someone else’s taste and senses. There is no way to avoid that. I think they’re assholes. They might think I’m an asshole and on it goes. May the best man win.

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@cmadline There are no winners when to comes to this sort of thing, Better to just accept that you aren’t going to get along with everyone and just move on without all the death wishes. That would be truly cathartic. Quite frankly I think it would behoove you to start wishing for a good therapist. haha

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Sure there are. I’m alive, and my enemy and their legacy is sick or dead.

Catharsis is personal. You can’t possibly tell me what is truly cathartic. What works for you does not work for me.

I don’t believe in therapists. I consider it a pseudoscience. Evolutionary psychology, on the other hand, is something I would consider as a method of therapy.

Also, therapists are there for people who are having difficulty functioning because of psychological problems. I don’t have any barriers that trouble me or prevent me from functioning.

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Evolutionary psychologists? They’re hardly taken seriously by anyone.

“They offended my tastes and senses…” Okay, that’s still not justification for wishing anything ill toward their offspring. You’re free to wish whatever you’d like, but it offends my tastes and senses that you would wish to harm or kill innocent people who did nothing wrong.

”...Now while their family and kids were not involved, the traits are passed on environmentally and genetically….” Traits are passed on genetically? There’s no proof of that anywhere. Serial killers, for example, don’t tend to beget serial killers. Rapists don’t tend to beget rapists. Unless their offspring are also raised in extremely negative and unhealthy environments, much like the ones those type of people were typically raised in. It’s environmental.

“I don’t want a legacy of that behavior in this world.” Much like the point I said above, I don’t want a legacy of people wishing harm on innocent people who have done nothing to them in this world, either. Should I now wish you dead? No, I don’t believe I should. More than that, I have no desire to wish you dead.

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Of course they’re. Just look at how big of a following Steven Pinker and Richard Dawkins have. I don’t agree with them entirely. Some of their work was good, others were not. They’re selling out to political pressures.

You might not like my justification, but I’m not trying to convince you to follow my lead.

Such is the dynamic of humanity. Someone will always be offended due to differences. I can’t do anything about you being offended.

Well, I’m not about to have a debate with you on nature v.s nurture or evolutionary theory as this matter was resolved with epigenetics (it is both). I will only point out that by committing to an entirely environmental answer, you’re guilty of committing the single cause fallacy.

We don’t share the same desires. Just as you don’t have a desire to wish me death, I do have a desire to wish death. Someone else will have a desire to punch or cut the people he hates. Another has a desire to kill. I don’t have those desires as I am not confrontational. This is the dynamic of humanity.

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@cmadline “I would maybe agree with you if I didn’t see the successful results of my wishes.”

You’re seeing what you want to see, as you basically admit here -

“Even if I’m making an illusionary connection between my wish and the result”

“I don’t wallow in my hatred.”

The fact that you’re posting (re: bragging) about it here indicates otherwise.

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Well, you took that sentence to an extreme. I’m temporarily wallowing here, yes, but this isn’t an everyday activity.

Bragging? It certainly was not my intention, but I can see how it can be viewed that way.

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I don’t know anything about Steven Pinker, but Dawkins merely doesn’t dismiss everything evolutionary psychologists say. He is not an evolutionary psychologist himself – he’s an evolutionary biologist.

And it may not be entirely environmental, but evolutionary psychologists say some extremely quacky things and they aren’t taken seriously by a lot of professionals.

Everything else having been addressed already, I hope you don’t mind when others start wishing you dead, then. Especially if you believe it actually works. If that’s the case, it means it can work if/when other people start doing it to you.

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I don’t mind for several reasons.

1. What might be working for me does not necessarily work for everyone else (not the same energy)

2. I can’t do anything about it so no sense in worrying.

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No, I wouldn’t do that. It wouldn’t be genuine, so I doubt it would work at all.

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Oh. Bummer.
Wait, genuine for whom?
Ah well, I tried.
I wonder how to contact this office guy?

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Do you believe that you might have special powers in other areas as well?

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So you’re saying then, @cmadline, that hate is a necessary component of your intention for it to have its successful terminal conclusion (if you’ll pardon that redundancy). That is, in your response to @msh where you say that It wouldn’t be genuine you’re speaking of your own lack of hate which would be understandably false when you don’t actually hate her presumed target/s. Because you can still want someone dead without hate, but if the hate is a necessary ingredient, then that’s obviously going to prevent you from capitalizing on this supposed ability.

Maybe I should work on my hate, in that case. There are certainly any number of people whose demise would please me to no end, but I haven’t refined my sense of outrage and hatred quite enough yet.

Maybe that’s what you could commercialize, then. Teach people to hate, perhaps in the purer way that you do, which has more direct effect than the generalized frustration and ire that some of us feel with those around us.

Alternatively, you could probably learn to hate on a more generalized, global or “on demand” scale, and thereby monetize as @msh suggests. According to what I see in the news every day, it shouldn’t be too hard to do that.

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As a man thinketh, so he reaps.

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I think proximity plays a big role in how well this works because like I said before, I think this mechanism is under the umbrella of biofield. The nature of it is limited in range.

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So @cmadline are you suggesting that the closer you are in proximity to your target the greater you “wish fulfillment” success rate?

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Yeah. You kill people. You are special. You are like a god. Now go away.

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I wonder if anyone has ever been tried for psychic murder? lol

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Are you kidding, @Coloma? Surely you’ve heard of Salem, Massachusetts, and what went on there. Just because the trial is invalid doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.

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@CWOTUS Well, of course, but I meant in more modern times not in 1692. haha

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