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Can marketing be considered a good career with future?

Asked by cecilia09 (205points) February 18th, 2016

Is marketing a good career choice if you like beauty stuff, like products, makeup, fashion etc?

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Marketing seems like such an antiquated idea to me that I had to look up a definition. Keep in mind that I’m a 55 yo.

That said, I believe marketing is probably only a good future career if it’s paired with strong computer skills.
One on one it would be valuable to take a client’s image and transpose the product directly on it for custom effect.
Larger market would probably be digital/internet/computer oriented.

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Go to University first. Business Degree-Marketing.
Don’t limit field of fashion ( until later in classes.
Go after it- degree- desire for career- win!
Good luck!

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For that sort of crap, huckstership would seem both lucrative and essential.

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- Oops, forgot:
When ‘in field-experience’ curriculum- you can choose what industry, indeed, business focus as your desired placement.
Any experience in this field helps. So time of school breaks, intern or work asst. in your preferred area. Even selling the product as a clerk in a store counts.
Go dip a toe in with a class, just to see.
Again, good luck!

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“Marketing” is a marketer’s word for “sales”. Yet it is essential for most businesses.

Remember that the first item on an Income Statement of a business is “Sales”. That is how a company makes money. And marketing is the method used to augment sales.

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“Marketing” is such a broad brush term that like “production” it means many things to many people:
– packaging and display;
– innovative uses for products;
– innovation in products in a more general sense;
– pricing and economics, both wholesale and retail;
– presentation and sales;
– developing relationships with vendor chains;
– advertising
... and a lot of other aspects of the field that I can’t even begin to list. (I’m not in marketing, but I have a grasp of the field.)

Yes, of course this will always be a necessary thing, but one should focus of a facet of marketing to be most useful. Like walking into a job interview for a machinist, for example, and claiming to know about “production”, but nothing about “machining hardened steel” will get you thrown out of the office for wasting the interviewer’s time.

What aspect of “marketing” interests you?

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Marketing in today’s world increasingly involves the internet and social media. Having skills in creating interesting content is essential. I think a career in marketing could be fun and rewarding as I love upgrading my companies website and facebook content and seeing the response and reactions to it.

A couple of my friends are in marketing and very successful. One works for ESPN the other has clients like McDonalds and the US Army and both travel the world doing their job.

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@CWOTUS Well you see I am into beauty related stuff, like makeup, hair products,pills for hair,skin and nails. working with brands and such,the beauty world,fashion,I Belive marketing is involved in such interests of way or another,what do you think?

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