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LGBT, would you consider dating someone who has same name as you?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5441points) February 18th, 2016

I guess this question could also relevant to straight people too, as there are plenty of unisex names.

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To cancel a date on the basis of someone’s name seems to me (putting it kindly) obtuse.

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First name or surname?


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I have one of those names, and, I have.

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I was mostly referring to “first names”. But I can understand why an identical surname might be a worry haha!

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Until very recently having an identical surname could have been considered an advantage to LBGT couples before gay marriage was legalized, @NerdyKeith.

That was what I first thought you were referring to.

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I’m gay. It wouldn’t bother me a bit.

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One of my nicknames is unisex, and I actually like meeting people with the that name.

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Can’t see how it would make much difference ‘ceptin’ maybe if someone hollered at the two of you across the room.

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I lived across the street from a heterosexual couple named Terry and Teri. It didn’t seem to bother them.
My name is unusual so I doubt I would meet many with my name.

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Hey, I know Terri and Terry!
Small world!

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Well, I’ve never met a man named ‘Laurie”, but it could happen. I have dated a “Lawrence.”
“Laurie” played by Christian Bale was a leading male character in the “Little Women” movie, I’d date him in a heartbeat. haha

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It doesn’t matter to me! Might make things a little confusing to others though, haha.

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Hi. I’m Molly and I’m straight, I said never.

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I still think that Caitlin Jenner should have named herself ” Brucelyn.” No, I’m not making fun of any LGBT peeps, but I do have a perverse sense of humor.

Here ya all go, some of the youngsters here may never have heard this oldie.

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@Coloma Lol nah I don’t think thats offensive, it was funny in all fairness.

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Okay, so i’m a straight male named Alan in a long term committed relationship, guess that rules me out on all counts.

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Same name? I wouldn’t consider that an issue.

However, few things are more tragic than a same sex couple that strives to look like twins.

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Unisex is an odd nickname, @dxs!
Probably better than Unibrow.

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I’ve encountered so many people who’s last name was By The Way.

My last name is not that.

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I know a Steve and Steph which amuses me slightly
My last name is Smith so meeting someone with the same last name is most likely for us Smiths. It wouldn’t bother me

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One of my mum’s friends married someone with the same surname as her.

I also knew a lesbian couple with the same first name. One shortened their name and the other didn’t.

I also know a straight couple called Gail and Dale!

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@NerdyKeith Glad you agree, I am mostly PC but sometimes it just goes too far.
I have a pet goose that morphed from male to female years ago, I call him a trans-gander. lol
I’m the resident older hippie chick, known for my offbeat humor at times.

Welcome to the pod, we’re a pretty nice group and hope you enjoy your stay here.:-)

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@Coloma Trans-gander? haha thats awesome. Thank you, I’m enjoying it so far. Its a pretty cool Q&A site.

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@ibstubro And the only thing with them is that usually I can’t quite tell what’s “down there.”

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Yes! Oh my goodness that would be fun…. and adorable.

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I have a friend John, whose fiance’s name is also John. One mostly goes by a nickname, though.

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