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Weakens it. IMHO but, here is the good part gonna give you a GQ because it gives me the opportunity to put this up: Every Sperm is Sacred from Monty Python.

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Weakens, Once conceived that life is in my hands, not “Gods” and I don’t believe an embroyonic organism is “sacred.” I get the religious insanity that surrounds this topic but c’mon…how can anyone or any group really, truly, believe that filling the world with unwanted children, fraught with neglect, abuse and even worse, perhaps death at the hands of their own parents is the highest choice? Pfft!

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Oh it weakens it, its a step backwards not forwards. There is too much underage pregnancy and birth control is important.

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If the rolls of the Church were ever cleared of the congregants engaged in the mortal sin of practicing contraception, the Church would collapse as an institution overnite.

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Neither one strengthens nor weakens the other. It’s not like these stances are based on logic – even they would admit that.

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Actually, neither. Both are meant to be all-encompassing, total, 100%. If one shoe doesn’t fit perfectly, the other one will or take up where the other one left off.

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But there is NFP…you are confusing things greatly.

The logic is that there is a right way and a wrong way and that motive is part of the goodness or badness of this action as it is with every action.

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