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Do you have a favorite history topic?

Asked by Misspegasister28 (2098points) February 18th, 2016

I’m writing a history paper and this question popped into my mind. I’m a huge history nerd but there are some history topics that interest me more than others. What’s your favorite history topic and why?

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If I had to be specific, I like to study Irish culture from the late Iron Age to the beginning of the Viking age. Trying to parse out the “neo-pagan” “celtic” nonsense from the actual history is a special kind of fun, especially when you take into account the lack of written language, and the fact that all of the stories we have were first written down in the late 16th century, nearly a thousand years after the events are supposed to have taken place.

There are other areas I enjoy studying, but that is my main focus.

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For me, Rome from 300 BCE to 250 CE. And, history of the US Frontier.

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I mostly enjoy learning about how every day, working class people lived. The farmers, the teachers, the doctors, the children etc. At school I found that history focuses on royalty and leaders but I wanted to know about normal folk. Any thing before the 1900s has always fascinated me.

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Victorian England and the Middle Ages and like @OpryLeigh, I am mainly interested in how lives were lived.

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I’m a really big fan of Hitler. My grandpa was involved in the whole D-Day thing. He would never talk about it so I have watched a ton about it.

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Mostly boy stuff-war & carnage. The evolution of Roman military methods, from the Punic wars through the reign of Justinian. I’m also a big fan of the logistical problems confronting the Wehrmacht from Stalingrad to the end. You ask great questions.

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The period between 1920s and 1950s. Anything to do with the trench coats and fedora hats and dark streets. I’m always fascinated by film noir and gangsters and would like to get a picture of what was actually like back then. Sure the stuff is exaggerated, but how much is true?

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When younger the Greek and Roman cultures fascinated me, now, not so much. I find myself looking into pre-history. Give me a good story about the Denisovians, Floriensis, or the Anything having to do with the populating of the Americas and you have my interest.

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This is such a hard question. Right now, there are several new archeological digs within a 50km radias of where I live. They are late iron age (Viking of course) and they are absolutely amazing. Every year, many in our city dress up in period costumes from 1st century during a festival called St Olavs. For Christians is a celebration of the king who converted the nation and for the rest of us, it is a reach back to the pagan celebrations and history, sort of mourning the loss of a great culture.

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History was my least favorite subject in school, it was the most difficult for me. I’m more interested in history now, but it’s still very difficult for me to retain details. Recently (in the last 5 years) I’ve become more interested in black history in the US. I also like learning about state history, and more specifically stories of how some of the states joined the union. What the territory had to do, or stop doing, to be eligible to become a state.

In college I had some interest in Latin American history.

I wish I understood the Middle East better. I think it’s so important for so many reasons, and I still feel fairly ignorant on the topic.

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The Great Depression and WWII have always fascinated me.

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I neglected to answer the other part of the question, why these two periods interest me. I think it’s because as a young child in the ‘40s, I heard (or at least osmossed) a lot of information about both events from my parents and other relatives. Even as a young teen I was drawn to the movies of the ‘40s, many of which had wartime plots, and also to the music of that decade—still am.

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