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How did you meet your current partner?

Asked by Misspegasister28 (2098points) February 18th, 2016

Or if you currently aren’t in a relationship, how did you meet your ex? I met my current partner on my My Little Pony roleplaying blog haha. I want to hear your cute/funny stories!

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On an old Q&A site called WHquestion. I was 15 at the time. We were together for about 4 years, something happened, we stopped talking for 10 years. I reached out to him again and we’ve been together for over a year again.

I left a lot out. It’s quite a tale, but I’m very glad we’re in each other’s lives again.

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Dating site.

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I met my ex husband at a party about 400 years ago now. My current partners I met at the animal shelter and adopted. lol

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I sat down next to him and his friend in differential equations on my first day back at college after my surgeries. His friend was more extroverted and I got to know him a lot more, while Matt was kind of just a vague acquaintance for several years. Then he and I were both a part of the small group of students from my school who spent a summer in Bar Harbor doing projects, and I got to know him really well during that summer. I wasn’t single at the time though. But after my ex and I broke up, I think Matt and I both really knew that we wanted to be together. It’s been 2 years now.

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College. I had recently broke up with my boyfriend and she pursued me and wooed me and I fell in love. We were married 3 months later and we have been together for 15 years in September.

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Met my husband of 28 years on a blind date. He had a black corvette and his
own house and own company. I think it bugged him that I didn’t fall all over
him and I was a challenge to him. I usually went for these type men but he
told me he was used to dating girls that were 5 foot and maybe 100 pounds.
The guy that set us up never told him I am 5’10 and 140 lbs so he was quite
surprised and I was quite pissed. He kept asking me out and I finally said yes
if he would let me drive his corvette. I drove it and got rear-ended and the rest
is history as we have 2 successful sons and are crazy for each other after 28 yrs.

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I met my wife in a bar. She came up to me and asked to borrow a cigarette and I told her no. The look on her face was priceless. But since it was ladies night I made her a deal….I said if you go buy us each a $1.00 beer I would pay for them and give her smokes all night long. We closed the deal and the bar.

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A mutual friend introduced me to my husband of 25 years.

The friend and I had gone out on a blind date. Although we got along well, there was absolutely no attraction or chemistry between us. But, the guy liked me and thought I was nice, so he wanted me to meet his softball teammate, Paul. The friend invited me (non-romantically) to watch March Madness on a restaurant’s big-screen television. Lo and behold, Paul met us there, and the sparks instantly flew. We were engaged a few months later.

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I met my Ex when He picked me and my friend up when we were hitching around Cornwall.

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We attended the same church, but spoke together for the first time at a mutual friend’s Independence Day party.

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Met on a dating site and quickly realized we lived in the same apartment complex.

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I met my husband at a nightclub. He was dancing on a speaker with another girl when I spotted him and thought he was cute. A half hour later I was dancing with a girlfriend and he walked up and said hi to her (they knew each other) and she introduced me to him (I was so excited) and we danced a little, and later I gave him my number. About a week later we had our first date.

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A friend of mine brought her by my place to show her off as his date. Those were unbelievably good times in my very lucky life.

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We met in a pastry class at the Cordon Bleu in Paris. She’s very short and constantly asked for my help getting supplies down from the cabinets. By the end of the three month class, we had moved in together, and two months after that we were married.

34 years later I’m still getting things down from shelves for her.

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This site. They PMed me first, explaining things I didn’t know and once politely asked if they could follow me. Even at the time when we were not so close they were willing to help me whenever I asked. I started to be friendlier with them. I once tried to offer help but they just refused. When we were closer they began to share more things to me. They still didn’t let me help, but they said that I spending time talking to them was the help they needed. They also said that I helped them so much, although I didn’t know what I did, I just listened to them.

Too bad they aren’t with me anymore. Something just took them away, along with so many hope and plans we have made. I don’t know if I will ever find anyone like them again.

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We worked at the same place in the mid 80s. I took her out once 30 years ago this weekend.

We started dating for real 15 months ago, both with grown kids and both divorced.

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Drama club. We were both the biggest dorks and we still are. We fit.

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On the advice of a friend who found his wife in the “Find A Friend” section of our local newspaper, and having made many wrong choices looking for a wife, I gave it a try. I wrote a lengthy letter that I sent to several women giving my good qualities and bad, likes, dislikes and brief history of vocations.

One response stood out and I arranged a meeting in a public place. I had been looking for someone who was like me, but she was not. Given the fact that those who had seemed to meet my “requirements” were not compatible, I did not reject the possibility that a relationship might be possible. We dated for a little more than three years before we married. Now, twenty-five-years later our love continues to grow. I have learned that complimentary qualities make the best relationships.

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