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Do you know of any good shounen ai anime?

Asked by flowersonthemantle (13points) February 18th, 2016 from iPhone

(Not No. 6 or Love Stage (btw if you haven t seen no 6 I would HIGHLY recommend it (though the ending was hard to accept(T-T)))- as I ve already seen them)
All the romances in most anime seems to be hetero, which I personally find boring (no offense meant to anybody-just a preference), so I m looking for some quality slash (fanfiction only gets you so far…). The only ones I can find that look interesting are the ones mentioned above, so yeah… (laziness takes another victim)
This was an exceedingly long description for a very simple question. My apologies.
Anyways, nothing too explicit, please and thanks ^_^

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I’m not into that. If anything, I’m more of a shoujo ai guy.
(For those curious to ask: shounen = boy, shoujo = girl, ai = love)

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It may not be what you are looking for, but I recently saw When Marnie Was There, and I liked it. It isn’t hentai, if that’s what you’re looking for.

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