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Is it weird to go for a day without eating?

Asked by flowersonthemantle (13points) February 18th, 2016 from iPhone

Okay, so all I’ve had to eat today was a mint. I know I sound anorexic, but I just wasn’t hungry. I woke up a bit late, and was too lazy to eat, so I left home. At lunchtime I didn’t eat the food we had (I was a bit hungry but wanted to see if I could go without lunch), and by dinner, I wasn’t hungry at all. Is this weird? Also, I didn’t sleep last night, could that affect this?
Thanks :o)

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So, how old are you? Have you had more than one time like this?

I think that for healthy people who have normal diets, it is not considered super bad to fast for a day every once in awhile.

But it’s almost as if, if you have to ask this question, you might know the answer. And you brought up anorexic, so we don’t know if that is a problem for you or not. But you do. If you are anorexic, please go get help right away. As I suspect you know, it can be serious. So don’t mess around.

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I find it weird that you didn’t get hungry all day, yes.

Why are you going without sleeping too?

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I do it one day every year for Yom Kippur.

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For some, no. For me, yes. I am a food vacuum that needs frequent replenishing.

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I’d bet it’s happened to most of us at least once.

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If you did not bring “I know I sound anorexic” into this discussion I would say what you experienced is not entirely unusual…but since you did inject the word “anorexic” I cannot help but to begin to consider you have a concern over anorexia being a factor in the motivation to ask this question. If there is even a sliver of a concern on your part that you are struggling then please seek support to help you better understand what is causing you to ask this question.

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I do it all the time. I just don’t get hungry. It is like my body never sends a signal to my brain to eat. I actually have to be pretty strict about it (I have multiple alarms set to remind me to eat). I have no problem eating if food is placed in front of me. But I just don’t really think or crave about food.

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One day doesn’t seem like something to worry about. It’s just a day.

If it happens all the time I would consider that either you are one of those people not in tune with hunger, my husband and his family are like that, but they show symptoms of hunger like being short tempered and basic assholes when they should eat and won’t admit to bad behavior, or even recognize it in any way, and it’s annoying.

Or, you could have your metabolism slowing down, like if you have a slow thyroid.

Or, depression or anxiety can be another explanation.

But, as I said, one day? I wouldn’t overthink it.

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Not too much to worry about, but the part about you not wanting to eat lunch after not having eaten breakfast sounds a little odd. Also, the not sleeping part is a bit odd, too.

You don’t give many other details, like how old you are, do you often go whole days without eating or was this one time only, and do you have any mental health issues/history of anorexia?

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I fasted every Wednesday for years. It was never a major hardship.

Anorexia is a serious disorder that is not diagnosed through a single day of hungerlessness.

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You’ve just described a normal Saturday for me. Except for the not-sleeping thing. I generally sleep pretty well.

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No. I often go all day without eating. If I don’t feel hungry or have no appetite, I don’t force myself to eat. If I’m too busy or distracted to care about food, I don’t bother. Those of us in the developed world, with ready access to food and who usually eat regularly, don’t need to worry about skipping a few meals.

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@flowersonthemantle I am curious about your activity during the hours you did not sleep. Were you physically active? Doing house cleaning?

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It sounds very unhealthy if it turns into a regular thing. You may have some sort of medical condition, or psychological condition. If you don’t eat regular, nutritious meals, it can wreak havoc with your metabolism, your memory, and your over all health.

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