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What is your experience with for profit schools?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) February 19th, 2016 from iPhone

Have you studied in any such institute? How was the experience? Was it worth the money they changed for?

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I worked with two of them (business relationship, not as a student)

Both were investigated by the feds. One went out of business, and the other is in bankruptcy (or used to be).

My assessment: Ponzi scheme.

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I went to a private university. We had to sign wavers that we wouldn’t sue them In order to release our student loans. It was a nightmare. First year was a review of junior high material second suddenly jumps in difficulty and the only way to pass was to cheat. I failed and am finally getting over the mid life crisis that the university brought on.

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My husband tried one of the online schools. Some other students blatantly plagiarised his work, and he was disciplined (by having his grade lowered) when he called them out on it. They were allowed to keep their work.

He stopped going. We’re supposed to pay back the federal grant. They can suck it.

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For profit schools are “for profit” and they are usually nothing but trouble. For profit and “online” programs are also not looked at very highly by employers

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My son attended one of those schools. His so-called teacher would stand in front of the class and ask questions and the students would discuss the answers, usually by looking the answers up on their laptops. He did not learn anything that wasn’t available online.

In another class, the teacher was a student at the local community college, getting credit toward his teaching certificate. He knew little to nothing about the subject he was teaching. It was a computer course, and most of his “teaching” was using the HELP feature on his computer.

When the school was closed for fraud, my son was stuck with paying off his government loan and no skills toward his chosen career. At that time, years ago, there was no way to have the loan forgiven.

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I went to one. It was a rip off. The diploma I ended up with wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. I did’t take a loan out, thank goodness. It was a tech school and I did half of the work by correspondence my senior year of high school.

If you are going to spend money or get into debt there is only ONE thing you need to ask yourself. Is this an accredited school and is my qualification going to travel? Will my degree be approved if I move to Canada or California?

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