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I have 2 questions about Instagram, can you help me?

Asked by Adagio (14040points) February 19th, 2016

These days my daughter posts most of her photographs on Instagram. I can look at them but is there a way of “following” her when I do not have a mobile. Can I follow somehow using my PC?

Next question: When looking at the photographs yesterday there were a handful I wanted to save to my computer but found no way to do it. Is it possible to save Instagram photos to one’s computer?

If you know how to do either of these things I would be delighted if you could please talk me through the process. Many thanks.

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Anyone? Pleaseā€¦

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@Adagio: I don’t use Instagram but I just googled your two questions and there’s lots of info available that should answer your questions.

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Thanks @jca, I shall take a look : ^)

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As far as I know, you can’t save someone else’s Instagram pics (I’ve tried with my kids’ pictures, and it’s a no-go). If you do figure out a way, please share it here.

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