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Are you a Game of Thrones fan?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) February 20th, 2016

Do you love / hate this serial? If so why?

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Years ago I read the first three books and I liked them okay but they weren’t anything that special to me. Then when HBO put the show on TV I started watching it. I found myself getting more into it than I had the books. The funny thing is now I’m rereading the books slowly and I find that I’m enjoying them way more than I did the first time.

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Yeah..that kinda happens..people start enjoying reading more after visualization is done though movies / serials like this.

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@imrainmaker… but in a good book you don’t need that visualization. You can read the book and visualize it for yourself. And even though it’s enjoyable to see the movie and see how different characters are pictured it’s not essential for enjoying the book.

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No. I have no use for all that vile, gratuitous violence.

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I enjoy it. I’ve read the books. The writing isn’t brilliant, but it’s a good story, and I’m in for a penny, so I may as well go the whole pound. The series is starting to spoil the books (and will quite seriously this season), so it’s also fun to see the “I know what’s going to happen, so I’ll spoil the series for you!” people have the tables turned on them.

But yeah. It’s pretty to look at, there are dragons and ice zombies and all kinds of gore and angst… what’s not to love?

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I like it because it mostly makes some kind of sense, and even more so in the books. The video version is a very well-done and mostly faithful version of it, though they do change a few things and dumb down a few things that I prefer in the book version.

I don’t love or hate it, though.

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I enjoy it very much. My wife and I started watching last Thanksgiving, and ended up marathoning it. We will watch the first 4 seasons again, just before season 5 comes out on DVD.
Of course, I am uncomfortable with the demon worship and such, but I recognize that this is fantasy.

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I really, really tried to like the first novel.

After the prologue developed these really interesting characters just to kill them all off, I was angry, but willing to keep going. After every character introduced afterwards was basically a cardboard cut-out, I kept going. When, 80 pages before the end of the book nothing significant had happened and I still didn’t care about the characters, I gave up.

As far as the show, I find Peter Dinklage attractive and amusing. I watch the show because he entertains me. If his character dies, I’ll never watch again, and it will be no great loss.

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One of my best friends here in Norway translates the show for the subtitles. She says it is the one of the most difficult jobs she’s done and she’s been translating for television for 30 years. To research, she has read the books and she stated in a recent newspaper interview that the tv series is definitely more misogynist than the books. She’s retired now, so the new series will be translated by someone else. She gave a talk about it at the Oslo library yesterday. Wish I could have gone. She said this in the interview, which I thought was spot-on: ‘Those who have decided the specific content , probably had a very cynical idea of ​​what sells . It looks as if they have planned the content in terms of a 14 year old boy who watches a lot of porn. Women are more victims in the series than they are in the books .’

Here is the full, but short article for anyone who may want to translate and read it.

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Dear me, no.

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I love the show but the pain. It never ends. I thought I got over losing characters. I thought there was no one else to care for. Then they sneakily get you attached to a character and the moment you feel a twinge of caring. They rip your heart out all over again. Yet, like a bad traffic accident, you can’t seem to turn away.

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