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What is the difference between M.S.Ed. and M.T.?

Asked by ooogleemooglee (6points) July 25th, 2008

Depending on the university, some offer graduate programs in elementary education that offer a degree in “Master of Science in Education or M.S.Ed.” while others offer a degree in “Teaching, Master of (M.T.)”.

What is the difference if any? And how would choosing one degree over the other affect on professionally?

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From Belhaven College:

“The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is designed for students who have a non-education undergraduate degree. The Master of Education (MED) is designed for students who have an education undergraduate degree and completed a teacher preparation program (student-teaching).”

There seems to be some differences depending on the school. From USC:

“The MT and MAT degrees are designed to allow degree candidates to earn an initial teaching certificate. The MEd is designed for certified teachers to pursue graduate studies and earn a master’s degree (you can not be admitted to the MEd without a teaching certificate or it’s equivalent including teaching experience). The MT is designed for students who complete an undergraduate degree at USC including undergraduate core education course requirements.”

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