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Would you like to welcome our new volunteer programmer, Mariah?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12663points) February 20th, 2016

A couple weeks ago, long-standing Fluther user Mariah very kindly volunteered herself to help with programming / technical assistance. Without further ado, Mariah will now be joining the moderation team as a volunteer programmer.

What will Mariah do as a volunteer programmer? Help fix stuff when it breaks (such as the whole “Questions for You” thing), and also potentially make minor improvements to this site.

I would like to extend my personal “thank you” to Mariah for volunteering, and I express my utmost confidence in her.

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I noticed yesterday that somebody had fixed the very annoying override function that turned every c in parentheses into a copyright symbol whether you wanted it or not. I knew that a quiet little hand had been at work somewhere. Thank you, @PhiNotPi, for your great service, and thank you, @Mariah, for offering your support.

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Just want to clarify that I have done nothing yet, so credit is due to @PhiNotPi for all the recent fixes!

Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to helping out!

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Yay! Thank you for supporting our community.

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Thank you Mariah! :) :)

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This makes me really happy! Thanks Mariah :)

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@Jeruba I would like to clarify that I had nothing to do with the (c) thing. If you put two spaces between the (c) and the word before it, it doesn’t turn into a©.

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Yay, a very nice service to volunteer. Thanks @Mariah !

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Yay! Thank you!

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Fantastic! Lurve to both @PhiNotPi and @Mariah!
We are so very honored to have both of you on Fluther and helping to fix stuff.

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Thanks so much, both of you!

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Thanks you two, Fluther’s looking better already.

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Much appreciated, @PhiNotPi and @Mariah!

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Thank you @Mariah for helping with this work. And thank you @PhiNotPi for your continued support to the site.

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Somehow I’m not surprised, because I knew that something like this would happen.

Welcome @Mariah!

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They call the wind Mariah!

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I would not be surprised, then, to see references to goats appear from time to time. Congratulations, I kid you not.

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@PhiNotPi and @Mariah Thanks to both of you:).

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Awesome, thank you! Would be neat if certain improvements could be made.

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Thank goodness. With so many things broke, I thought everyone had given up on Fluther. I am excited that someone will be breathing life back into it again.

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Excellent! Thank you, @Mariah, for stepping up to the plate. You have been showing some spunk! ;)

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This is great news. Thank you to the both of you.

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When did you guys start using a current version of Wordpress for the blog? You were way behind for a long time. My first suggestion was going to be killing the blog or updating it since a year old wordpress is a security nightmare.

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Wow, @Mariah! Thank you so much!!!

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Thank you Mariah for helping to make this site what it is.

I am sorry you did not get further ado though; perhaps the powers that be can throw in a little ipso facto to sweeten the pot.

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This makes me so happy! Thanks @PhiNotPi and @Mariah!

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Hey Augie, nice to hear from you again. PLEASE stop by more often and contribute.

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Thank you both for your hard work.
Greatly appreciated. :)

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Yay! Thanks Mariah : )

If there is anything we can do to assist you, or to make your job easier, please let us know. In the meantime, we’ll try not to break anything else.

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Hey guys, not that I was doing a ton before, but I still just wanted to give you a heads up not to expect any new tech changes from me for awhile. I just got laid off today so I have to focus on finding work I can get paid for above this volunteer position. Sorry, and thanks for understanding.

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Oh @Mariah. I’m sorry to hear this. I recall you had an inkling that layoffs were possible. I hope you’re doing okay mentally. Let us know if you need any tlc.

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@Mariah You are going to be snapped up so quick in a new job, you won’t know that you were unemployed.

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@Mariah So sorry to hear you were laid off. If I can help in any way please let me know. I know some programming and IT people, but I don’t know if they can help where you live.

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That’s awful @Mariah. I’m very sorry and hope you find work soon.

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@Mariah Hoping for the best for you.

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Good luck with the job hunting @Mariah we’re rooting for you.

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