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Will a peach ripen faster off the tree or on it?

Asked by opb (44points) July 25th, 2008

I am leaving town and don’t want to miss the few peaches the squirrels have left me. I wonder if I should pick the almost ripe peaches or leave them hanging and hope for the best

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How long will you be leaving? Fruit will ripen much faster if placed in an enclosed container, for the gases released by it lead to the ripening. If you pick them and then leave them in a wide open space you should be fine for some days.

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When we are leaving town we usually pick the the fruit that is close to getting ripe and place them in the frig.

We learned a new trick that keeps the squirrels away. If you have old CD’s laying around tie a piece a string and hang them from the tree. The wind and them climbing the trees will keep the CD moving. The reflection that they see will scare them away.

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Random Fact: Avocados will NEVER ripen on the tree, they have to be picked. It’s the law.

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on. because you aren’t like detatching it from the roots or something

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