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Would ISIL/ISIS side with humanity if the zombie apocalypse comes?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13068points) February 23rd, 2016

Or would they side against humanity? Or any disaster?

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Who knows for sure about extremists,maybe they would if they knew it would be their end as well if they didn’t.

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You mean they’re not the zombie apocalypse?

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I do believe even a Islamic Terrorist would see the value of having one of these in the early weeks of a zombie apocalypse.

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They’d probably triangulate by encouraging zombies against the Crusaders as long as the zombies were kept out of Daesh regions.

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There will be no “side of humanity” during the Zombie Apocalypse.

The whole point of zombie apocalypse films is to demonstrate that humans are the real monsters.

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I say we use them as a distraction while we get away. Maybe hang them by their ankles from trees?

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No, they’ll side with looking out for themselves and their own, just as anyone would in such a situation.

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Your questions are getting more interesting, @RedDeerGuy1. I usually shy away from speculative and unanswerable questions, but sometimes it’s fun just to see the reach of them.

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I doubt if they would notice.

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ISIL/ISIS think they are humanity.

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72 Virgins Later

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ISIS reportedly advocates the idea that the apocalypse is imminent and that Islamic State fighters will battle the “infidels” of the West in Dabiq, a Syrian town now under ISIS control.

Why would they side with anyone?
They just have to hunker down and kill anyone infected by Zombies or Infidels.

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They are not at risk; Zombies eat brains. From this I think they might side with the Zombies.

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They are already Zombies

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@majorrich I in a warped way agree with you in that I could see them commandeering a Colosseum and feeding infidels to the Zombies…bastards

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I’m sure they see us as a disease that needs to be eradicated like we do zombies. They’d just add zombies to their repertoire of things to destroy.

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