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If you're at the end of a text how do you get the curser to the beginning of the text?

Asked by flo (12366points) February 23rd, 2016

It used to be the End key did it. It no longer seems to work. What is the alternative way?

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The Home key will do it, but only if you don’t have Number Lock (Num Lock) on.

The End key, rather predictably, will take you to the end of your text.

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If for some reason the home key doesn’t work you can go to the top of the first page. I guess that’s obvious. Depending on what format you’re looking at you might be able to type in page 1 to go back to it.

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Home – usually takes the cursor to the start of the current block of text, whether that is a line, a sentence or a paragraph, and is very software-dependent. Different programs handle this different ways.

Ctrl-Home – nearly always takes me to the top of the current document or worksheet. This could have very different responses in other programs, such as databases, for example.

PgUp or Up Arrow – when all else fails.

Those are my general standbys. It’s always possible to write scripts that trap particular keystrokes and do, well, whatever those keys have been programmed to do. For example, on my computer I have set the Alt-< combination to turn down the sound volume 5% at a time, and Alt-> to turn it up 2% at a time.

You can program keys to do nearly anything you want them to OR whatever the software package OR the macro or key interceptor for the file has programmed them to do.

My recommendation if you want to try something like that is AutoHotKey, available for free at

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