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Are people like Rush Limbaugh and the Howie Carr being tribalists about Trump?

Asked by flo (12974points) February 23rd, 2016

Are the Rush Limbaughs and the Howie Carrs and Mark Levins being blind tribalists about Trump? How can they be blind about:
-I would be okay with worse than waterboarding. How about beheading?
-Don’t give him his coat, let him freeze in the minus something temprature out there.
-Beat the crap out of him (the heckler was in the audience)
and on and on?

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They simply follow ratings.

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Political correctness has obviously run it’s course

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@ARE_you_kidding_me But Glen Beck also needs ratings, and yet…far from bowing to him.

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politically incorrect

A phrase used by those attempting to pull an ideological snowjob on their audience; implies that the statement is some deep (often offensive) truth that the Establishment is ignoring or obfuscating, when in all likelihood the snowjobber is trying to disguise a wingnut theory as a piece of significant thought.”

“They say it’s politically incorrect to deny evolution; I say it’s just incorrect.

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@Cruiser Trump has said already indirectly
that his followers are not the least bit critical thinkers, in fact that they are fools, or slaves to him.

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