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Do you consider it rude to be greeted with a nod instead of an audible "Hello"?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) February 23rd, 2016

If a person doesn’t know you that well and you are walking down the street they simply look at you and nod. I understand they don’t know you that well, but saying “hello” or “how are you” isn’t really that big of a deal.

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It’s an acknowledgment even if slightly less gregarious than a verbal “hello.”
I think men are more the nodding types, as a female I usually say ” Hello” or smile and say something like ” beautiful day.” Maybe head nodding is part of the strong and silent gig with some men. haha

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No. If I knew them and it was closer quarters, for example, a work environment, I would find it a bit unfriendly.

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Not at all…and often I accept that lack of engagement or recognition with relief as I am free to go on my merry way. Unexpected engagements with mere acquaintances/neighbors can be often derail a well planned schedule…that said I always will make time up to greet and acknowledged them….unless it is my ex neighbors Jodie and Scott where I will detonate my suicide vest full of explosives.

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They’ve shown their acknowledgement of my presence. I don’t need them to do more.

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^^Same as Cruiser. It’s mostly guys who do it, women seem to be more animated. That’s how I acknowledge guys mostly. I’m not real verbal anyway and people who know me know that. In real life, I use few words. I’m big on facial expression, body language and gestures. There’s already too much chatter and noise.

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No. I’d hope the nod came with a smile. Any acknowledgment is sufficient.

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I frequently just nod my chin up and smile. I don’t like to intrude and force an interaction if I see a casual acquaintance walking the other way. I also may not have time to stop and chit chat, and one never knows how a person may take me cutting short an interaction which may seem that I initiated in the first place.

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I actually prefer a nod to “How are you?”
They don’t know me that well, so they don’t actually care I am.

Eye contact is more important than verbalization, in any case.

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I’m such an introvert that I prefer a nod. I will nod if I’m not in the mood to chat, but I usually smile or say a quick hello.

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I’ll take a nod anytime over no acknowledgement at all.

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Ah, here we go. I moved to Norway some 13 years ago from one of the nicest, laid back, friendliest places on earth, New Zealand. I STILL come home feeling like I’m in a Kafkaesque altered reality. People have taken ignoring each other to a whole new level here. I’ve lived here 13 years and I’ve never had so few friends in my entire life. Not even when I went through that awkward stage in high school. Tonight, I went to bed bawling my eyes out because of something that happened, and I literally have no one to talk to. I’d take a nod. I’d take some minor eye contact for f’s sake.

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I prefer silent interaction in most cases.

@cazzie – Skype?

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@Seek Sorry, can’t. Kiddo sleeping next to me here, so I have to keep it quiet. He freaked himself out because he nearly killed my NEW computer last night, just to top my day off completely.

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Here’s the kicker though. I think I’ve forgotten how. I’ve lived in this place for so long now, I may have gone native. Human contact and close relationships are so foreign to me, I think I recently found out that I’m broken beyond any nightmare I may have had. I have now internalised and digested and made the solace, and loneliness and isolation a part of me. I don’t think I could have a close, intimate relationship ever again, even if a very desirable one even dropped on my doorstep. At least I’m half way through my life expectancy, though. Looking on the bright side of things, I mean.

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No, as long as they acknowledge the fact that I’ve said hello in some way, then it’s fine. Though I prefer at least a smile or eyebrow raise with the nod, instead of just a blank face which might make me think something’s wrong.

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This sounds like a very British Problem. NerdyKeith, are you from Great Britain?

I am a nodder, it is a simple way to acknowledge someones existence. But say if I am walking downtown where there are hundreds of people on the sidewalk I will obviously not nod at everyone. It is more of a one guy per block thing. I don’t nod at females.

Actually, now that I try to figure out why I do it I have concluded it is some sort of alpha male bullshit. I don’t do it to people that I know I could beat the shit out of. I only do it to men were I want to mark my territory. This is my walking space so know your role.

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@johnpowell That’s an interesting self observation.

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@JLeslie :: That is why I like Fluther. It can be helpful to have to figure out why we do what we do and justify it.

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If I know someone, I’d usually say hello, no matter where I saw them. If I don’t know them then I’d say hello if I saw them in my small village or in the countryside, otherwise I would ignore them.

If I know someone is chatty and I am in a hurry, I probably would still say hello but keep walking fast past them, turning only my head if needed.

(I am British and an introvert)

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I’m with @dammitjanetfromvegas. Sometimes I can’t handle a verbal interaction and a nod is the best I can muster. But usually I smile and say hi, especially to seemingly marginalized people.

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Not at all, that’s for sensitive, uptight fuckers who seek out offence to give their drab lives meaning.

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Not in the least. A nod, combined with a pleasant facial expression, is a legitimate form of greeting. The person’s acknowledging me and giving a nonverbal greeting.

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A nod is fine.

@ucme I agree!

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