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Have you ever thought about the possibility that God is our future selves?

Asked by throwaccount (147points) February 24th, 2016

Like we’re all just test-subjects for the unknown?

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Nope. Never crossed my mind. But there was some sci-fi book that had your idea as its main theme.

But why do you assume that it might be god? Couldn’t it be the devil, just as easily? Or some other deity?

What I am saying is that you shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that it is the god that we know about. It could be, just as easily, a more malevolent force that is using us as test subjects.

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No. The only time I really think of god at all is on Fluther when I’m jumped-started by some of the Q&As here. It doesn’t play a part in my real world life. Left to my own devices, my thoughts are quite mundane compared to a lot of people here, I guess. But it has been interesting.

This might be close to what you’re talking about: I’ve mulled over the idea that we are possibly souls going through a series of classroom-like realities like the one we all might be in now. If you don’t learn the lessons this time around, then you repeat. If you pass the course, you are reborn into the next level of enlightenment. But then the weed wears off and I go back to solving my real life problems or enjoying my real life in general.

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Besides, the standard model of god is that he knows all, sees all. Why would he even need test subjects of any kind? He already knows the outcome, right?

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I have not, but that is an interesting concept.

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Can’t say that I have or ever will.

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I have thought about that. I think once you’ve heard that “image and likeness” bit, your mind will drift toward exactly that sort of speculation.

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My mind drifts toward egotism, @stanleybmanly. What they really meant was they made god in OUR image. Which they did. Obviously. When you think of god you don’t think of this. In fact, I’m pretty sure you’re not even allowed to think of him as anything other than a supernatural human old man.

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Yeah I too thought it a rather striking coincidence that God hould be “all about us”.

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Well, it’s not a coincidence.

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Our future self such that everyone is their own god?

or more of a meaning that god is our species leading and guiding and directing us from the future?

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It would be quite terrible if humans’ future selves had the same barbaric mindset as their bronze age ancestors.

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@ragingloli Fair point. However when one is having philosophical discussions on such matters, I think it is important not to restrict the god character to the one contained in the bible / quran.

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Don’t leave out Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Confucianism, Shinto, Taoism, Đạo Bửu Sơn Kỳ Hương, the Aztecs, the Myan, the Africans….Look for yourself. I’m running out of breath.

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I suppose it’s no more or less ridiculous than any other formulation of god.

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No. God is a way of expressing the notion, which most humans have, that there is something bigger than themselves “out there”. Which is not surprising, since the universe is awesomely big.

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I agree with @josie

If a god exists, it would have some sort of purpose. Such as the purpose of being the originator of everything.

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We are indeed God. All we require is more time.

“God” is all knowing. We, the human race is well on our way to achieving omniscience.

We will eventually know practically all there is to know about our universe and beyond.

So, what does that make us?

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@throwaccount, kudos for asking a question which I judge comes out of a genuine interest to explore big ideas, not simply to rile up non-believers.

Here’s my answer. I believe God is not an entity but rather an ideal of perfection, so I feel you are asking if Mankind is evolving toward a god-like perfection. Sadly, my answer is no.

My reasons are too complex fir me to share in this forum.

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@SecondHandStoke, Well, I have a feeling we won’t know how to stop it from ending….and starting all over again.

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I have thought about this and wondered if Man will develop God like powers in the distant future so that he can take control of the destiny of the Universe. What would Man then do? I expect he would become jaded and bored and want to start a new universe with new life and so finally become God. At other times I think that is absurd and we are not even in control of our own destiny and as far as the universe is concerned we are no more than dust.

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If there is a God, I’d imagine it/they would transcend time.

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