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What in your opinion, is Brad Pitt's best movie to date?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) February 24th, 2016

For me its Inglorious Bastards

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In my opinion.

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I liked The Curious case of Benjamen Button.

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Legends of the Fall

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Brad is more than just a stud muffin…he really is a good actor and has done a good job in all his movie so what separates his better movies is the great and unusual script and the director and why a River Runs Through it tops on my list followed by 12 Monkeys and Fight Club.

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There are many I’ve not seen. Of those I have, I’d say Fight Club, though not especially because of his performance.

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I liked both A River Runs Through It and Legends of the Fall. The Mexican was also funny in a wacky way. Oh, I forgot. My favorite was Thelma and Louise.

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I too liked Benjamin Button, particularly the affair with Tilda Swinton. He also had a great role in Legend of the Fall and did a spectacular job of it.

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As far as Pitt’s best roles, I think the Pikey from Snatch, and Early Grayce from Kalifornia was his best work. I like his character roles.

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The first rule is I can’t talk about it.

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When it comes to movies and movie roles,“Best” is strictly subjective. I liked him in a number of films including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club, Spy Game, Killing Them Softly, and heaven help me, the sappy Meet Joe Black. But to date, I think my favorite Pitt performance is Money Ball. He was sensational in that.

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Snatch. I liked him in 12 Monkeys too.

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Legends of the Fall and A River Runs Through it. Both were good stories and well acted. Hard to tell which is my favorite, though. The plots both involved a dominant father figure along with stories depicted in times and places so similar that I think people get the two movies mixed up. Third place is Meet Joe Black. Pitt made a charming Death. I hated, absolutely hated Basterds. It went off the fucking rails. But Fury was OK. It was an average, believable WWII film. Money Ball was very good.

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Agrees with @gorillapaws

Pitt is best in eccentric roles. Otherwise what’s the point?

Ohh. and Fight Club, Fight Club, Fight Club.

Cannot stress this enough.

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The “Bourne” movies, probably.

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Inglorious Basterds

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I’ve never liked him in anything since Legend of the Falls.

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Is Brad Pitt in any Bourne movies, or is @ragingloli confused or jokingly mixing him up with Matt Damon?

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could be.
white boys all look the same

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I like performances that are extreme, that makes the actor go beyond and take the role of a more out of this world character. So I think Snatch, Inglorious Basterds and 12 Monkeys are pretty good performances.

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I have ‘t see him in a movie in a long time. I liked him in Legend of the Falls and not really since.

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