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Was Adolf Hitler a Catholic?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5451points) February 25th, 2016

I hear so many claims regarding this issue. Yet Hitler did make a lot of statements leading many of to believe that he was indeed a Catholic.

“As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.” – Adolf Hitler

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He was baptized as a Catholic. That does not mean he considered himself a Catholic. And it does not mean he was a practicing Catholic.

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Good question. Austria is a big time Catholic country, so I always assumed Hitler was baptized in the Catholic church. Here is evidence that his grandmother and father were baptized as Catholics. I can’t find good sources for Adolf’s baptismal certificate on short notice, but if we were to bet on this, I’d lay good money on Hitler being Catholic. For the rest of the story, see @zenvelo‘s statement above. ^^

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Hitler was baptized and confirmed as a Catholic and often spoke of Christianity as a basis for his movement. Yet in private his anti-Christian world view is evidenced in sources such as the Goebbels Diaries, the memoirs of Albert Speer, and the transcripts edited by Martin Bormann in Hitler’s Table Talk.

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I’d always heard that he had a Jewish grandmother. Can’t research it right now.

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I would have to say yes because I once read that he wanted to be a priest when he grew up.

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Yes, he was.

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@zenvelo I was thinking more on the lines that he continually professed himself as a Christian.

Clearly simply being baptised doesn’t make you Catholic, I’m an ex-Catholic myself.

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A catholic who dabbled in the occult, had delusions of grandeur & suffered from overbearing mother complex…what a character, he’d have been a reality tv star today.

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And now, they say he had a micropenis. The Catholic church worked mostly for the Third Reich, but a few some also worked against it.

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@cazzie not sure about this but I don’t being a Catholic and having a micropenis are related. Could be wrong though.

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@rojo I am Catholic and they are not related.

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@Cruiser I’ll take your word for it; no need to show us.

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^^good to know because otherwise that could raise a whole bunch of related cause and effect, chicken or the egg and which came first type questions.

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@jerv Then why did you just PM me to email you a pic?

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@Cruiser That wasn’t me; I would’ve given you my number so you could text it to me instead.

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@jerv So this 8×10 photo you asked me to get for you you are chalking up to a misunderstanding?

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No correlation was meant to be inferred. Just that Hitler was an monster with a micropenis. The Catholic Church was not guiltless in crimes against the human race during his rise to power. The Catholic Church is still not guiltless in crimes against the human race.

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