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Am I crazy or does Trump sound good?

Asked by JLeslie (56030points) February 25th, 2016 from iPhone

Compared to the other Republicans debating right now in Texas Trump sounds good to me. Kasich sounds reasonable to me too. Cruz is a downright liar. How can anyone support him I will never understand.

I’m a Democrat, so I am not the target market for these people.

Are you watching? Who do you like best out of these 5 if you have to choose? Only based on this debate and nothing you have seen or heard previously?

This is not a Q about who you will vote for, because even if you are voting for a Democrat voting you can answer this Q.

Again, only based on this current debate.

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Trump speaks with confidence but it’s rooted in ego, calculation and not humility. He is a dangerous bird.

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You’re crazy. Sorry to be blunt, but you asked.

Even a fool sounds good on a stage full of clowns. Trump is all bombast and no real policy and no grasp of the seriousness of the problems he thinks he can sweep away with blanket statements.

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You’re crazy.
As @zenvelo says, you asked.

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Closing statements…I will get back to you.

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@zenvelo Who do you choose though? Who sounds best up on that stage?

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Not watching, I’m just here to say I’m pointedly abstaining from this question.

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I was watching Trump being interviewed by Cuomo after the debate, and he was still sounding good until he said he thinks the IRS audits him a lot, because he is a good Christian. WTF?! Lol.

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Rubio schooled Trump. Trump was flustered for once.

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Crazy. I shake my head every day when I hear anything Trump has said. I ask myself over and over and over again, where are these people’s heads for godsake!!! No, I’m not from the US but news of Trump comes to us every day.

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@Adagio Did you watch the debate that just ended? I’m talking about this debate as if it is an island.

Who did you like best during this recent debate?

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@JLeslie, no I have not seen the debate speak of. When you say “as if it is an island” do you mean what Trump says stands out from anything else he has said up to this point?

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I have never seen such a brawl in the sandbox as this debate…ever. Trump held his ground and contrasted the desperate and hostile attacks from Cruz and Rubio. I am a bit perplexed why Rubio and Cruz waited to this 11th hour to confront Trump and they looked weak in the process. For me it is a coin toss as to who Trump turns to for VP. Trump is a master at putting his opponent through a wood chipper and then lifting them off dusting them off and highlighting why he thinks they are actually OK.

Trump stood firm as both Cruz and Rubio threw everything they had at Trump and he didn’t flinch. It was not pretty to watch from both the attackers and Trumps POV desperation is not exactly solid ground to stand on. But once again, Trump was sorely lacking on details to the questions he was presented with.

But in the end it was up to Rubio and Cruz to take down Trump tonight and both looked like teens at the county fair trying to tackle the greased pig. Not pretty but the debate results showed Trump in the end was still standing tall and if anyone ignores the reason why this mattered will be sorely disappointed come November.

Cruz’s after debate interview could not be more desperate and patronizing…pathetic..nauseating. This is only a tease has to what awaits us once Trump is crowned Republican candidate who will go head to head with the Democratic push back. Please cover your kids eyes and ears.

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@Adagio I just mean leave your already existing distaste for Trump aside (I don’t mean you personally, I mean the general you) and try to watch only this debate and evaluate the 5 candidates.

@Cruiser I didn’t see the after interview with Cruz. He really is the worst of all of them to me. I think he has the least integrity of all of them.

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I liked Rubio and still think he came out on top. It wasn’t pretty but trying to stick to issues hasn’t had any impact. Saying that both Cruz and Rubio were desperate is probably accurate. It’s either have an impact now or let it go. I do think Rubio landed some solid blows but so did Trump. Cruz, I’m not sure landed anything. We didn’t hear much from Carson or Kasick but that’s not surprising.

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@Jaxk A Trump Rubio ticket would be very formidable at this stage of the game.

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@JLeslie who do I choose? None of them! Really! They are pandering to the right wing yelling faction of the “core”. It makes my stomach hurt to hear all of that sickening anti-Americanism.

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Trump is the least dangerous. He has no convictions and this is all a game for him.

Cruz on the other hand is one scary motherfucker.

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Other than sounding angry, ill-informed, evasive, hypocritical, insulting, rude, thin-skinned, wildly egomaniacal and totally unpresidential, he sounded good and horrible.

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The key to Trump’s astounding popularity is simple, he’s not a politician.
Looking at his rivals, both Republican & Democrat, an assorted collection of odious, moronic parasites, it’s not difficult to see how he can ride in on a wave of apathy & wreak havoc across the political landscape. Everyone is running around like headless chickens, panicked by this tsunami, but think, while it will leave destruction in its path, it will also wash away the crud.

These metaphors were brought to you by

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Here’s why he sounded good to me.

He said Planned Parenthood helps a lot of women and he is not going to close their doors.

He said private insurers are making a fortune and their lobbyists and ivory tower are sitting out in the audience, because they are helping to fund Rubio and Cruz. He said he will not let people be medically ill and not receive help. For this Cruz accused Trump of wanting socialized medicine. Trump said to Cruz basically, “maybe you well let people die, but I won’t.” How can any candidate who plays the religious Christian card feel ok about just letting that slide? They will let people die. Trump, one of the biggest capitalists up there and in the country, is proposing EXACTLY what a lot of republicans proposed right before obamacare passed, to bring in more competition to the market by letting insurers compete across state lines. Rubio kept asking him, “but what are you going to do?” Trump said it more than once, increase competition by opening up the playing field. What’s so hard to understand about that? That is the detail.

He has given tons of money to Israel. I actually don’t question any candidates commitment to Israel.

He tells the truth about politicians being bought and that he has bought them in the past.

Everyone up there talks about building a better barrier so people south of our border can’t walk over easily. However, Kasich especially makes a point to say he will not deport anyone already here who has no criminal record. Carson seemed to be inclined to not deport anyone either. Cruz was asked if he is missing an opportunity to court Latinos over to the Republican Party. Personally, I doubt Cruz identifies strongly will Latin Americans. He’s a white guy with educated parents and grew up in TX where he probably distanced himself from the Mexicans. That’s my guess, I could be wrong. Does he even speak Spanish? People don’t usually speak their father’s language. It’s just his dad who is Hispanic right? Or, am I wrong about that? I have spent time with a lot of Hispanics, and many who aren’t Mexican distance themselves, actually almost every country sees themselves as different than another country.

Trump wasn’t saying all immigrants are bad people or anything close to that last night. I don’t think he ever did.

I do think once in a while Trump says something to play to the religious right that sounds like BS to me, and that bothers me. He did say he is changing the Republican Party, and I think he means he will get away from the religious right stronghold. I don’t know for sure though.

Trump takes to task the US’s decisions in the past to go to war, or remove leaders, in the Middle East. He believes we have caused more harm than good and probably helped increase the growth of terrorist groups.

He question decisions of previous Republican Presidents no matter how popular they were with the right wing regarding specific decisions and events.

I’m voting for Hillary most likely, but that’s besides the point. I really see the appeal of Trump if you just focus on certain things about him. I don’t agree with how he wants to solve some of our problems, but I generally agree with where he does see problems and where he doesn’t. He can be scary with how he handles himself. I think it can hurt us in diplomacy with other countries, but as a northeasterner myself, him being a little loud doesn’t bother me much. It does bother me he can seem dismissive and full of himself.

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I’m with @Seek and pleading the fifth.

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You don’t think he ever said all immigrants are bad people? .... OK, well, that aside, you can not divorce yourself from what he’s already said and done. He has run several ventures into the ground. He is a trust fund baby and had never been held accountable for any of the despicable things he has done. He sees people as objects. He has no grasp of statecraft. He throws tantrums like a nine year old. He doesn’t know anything about any of the important issues that require in intimate knowledge in order to make decisions. As adults it behooves us all to make INFORMED decisions. How much more do for the leader of the nation? No. He doesn’t sound good. He sounds like the death knell of freedom and democracy. And if you think that he is not an anti Semite you are sadly mistaken.

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@Jak The way I remember it he said Immigrants, or maybe Mexicans who are criminals he is going to address, and that he is going to deport all the illegal immigrants. That is not the same as saying ALL immigrants or ALL Mexicans are criminals and bad people. When my MIL says, “Americans XXX,” or, “Gringos XXX,” I know she doesn’t mean all. When the media or politicians talk about the Jewish vote, I know not all of us Jews vote the same, and I know they know it too. Trump needs to be more careful how he says things, there I completely agree, because people love to think “all” when someone makes a generalization, they like to get offended and cry someone is a racist or prejudiced. Can they be accused of generalizing and stereotyping, sure, that’s probably valid, but that’s not the same thing as being a racist in my book, nor being prejudiced.

Do you want illegal immigrants running drugs and committing felonies jailed or deported? Who doesn’t? Why would anyone disagree with that? That’s what he talked about regarding illegal immigrants and crime back in the beginning of his run. My mom, life long Democrat, diverse set of friends, lived her whole life in extremely diverse cities like NY, Boston, and the DC metro area, and who liked my Mexican husband immediately, wants the illegal immigrant gang members committing crimes out of her metro area. Does that make her anti-immigration or racist?

Why do you think he is antisemitic? His grandchildren are Jewish, he seems fine with it.

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But @JLeslie, no one wants drug runners and felons running wild. But are they? No, not really.

Trump throws scare phrases to make you think he is the only on one watch. But the Obaba administration has deported more undocumented immigrants than any administration, yet Trump plays faked videos of people streaming across a border (video shot in North Africa, not at the Mexican border).

It is the same on many other issues.

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@JLeslie Here’s a fun exercise: Take a Trump speech and do a find/replace on it. Replace all mentions of “Muslim” and “Mexican” with “Jew.” Does his speech remind you of anyone famous in history? Anyone at all?

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@gorillapaws Your comment reminded me of something I ran across doing research to answer a question here on Hilter and could not help but draw a similar comparison to Sanders. Scary

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@gorillapaws Do you believe Trump will kill millions of innocent Muslims and Mexicans? Round them up and shoot them dead, set them on fire in pit, lead them to the gas, enslave them in camps, do experiments on them, is that what you think? Almost all leaders can be compared to Hitler in things they say in do. I saw glimmers of Hitler in Bush, but I would never say he is another Hitler.

I hate when people say things that sound like being Muslim is synonymous with being a terrorist. Hate it. All those people accusing Obama of being a Muslim and saying it with disdain and fear. What if he was Muslim? So what. I get it. Of course I get it. Any Jew who doesn’t has had their ears and eyes closed to their own history. My husband is Mexican. Born and raised. Not born in America to a Mexican family, born and raised in Mexico City, MX. His papers were running out of time when we were first dating, because his employer decided they weren’t going to do that sort of paperwork anymore. He had to quit 8 weeks before they ran out, and find a job that would sign. He was going to go back to Mexico if he couldn’t. He would not stay here illegally. He wanted to stay. It doesn’t compare to immigrants who come here so poor they barely are clothed or sheltered, that is a different story, but we certainly know worrying about all of our paperwork is in order, meeting with INS, etcetera.

@zenvelo I know during Obama we have had more people deported and more Latin Americans going back. Part of people going back on their own was the state of our economy.

Fake videos certainly bother me. Was that told to Trump, has he pulled them? I have no idea, I’m just wondering if someone sold to him that they were genuine.

I can tell you yes, there are immigrant who are gang members here, who are dealing, committing violent acts, and some of them are legal, and some illegal. It’s not a matter of running across the border, it’s about get them the hell out. If they are legal and not citizens get them out still. We have our own citizens committing those crimes, that’s enough crap to deal with. It’s not really a matter of immigration, it’s a matter of dealing with crime in general. Remember that case of the illegal immigrant who killed a woman and he had been sent back 5 times and republicans said that’s why we shouldn’t have sanctuary cities? Is everyone an idiot? What does sanctuary cities have to do with anything regarding that case? We didn’t keep him locked up or out of the country. When he came back in the third time maybe we should have caught the clue? Sending him back does nothing. No politician switched the conversation to crime, they just harped on the sanctuary city argument and building walls. It’s stupid.

Trump was on the fence several months ago about Planned Parenthood and said he was going to look I to the numbers. Now, he seems squarely ok with letting PP continue to keep their doors open.

I didn’t see you answer your accusation about him being antisemitic? What has he done that you believe that? I’m not saying your definitely wrong, I’m asking if there is something I don’t know about.

I hope Bernie and Hillary understand the Trump appeal so they can fight back. I really think most liberals just don’t get it.

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@JLeslie I didn’t state Trump is anti-Semitic. However, he has not denounced his anti-Semitic supporters, and his speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition played into old stereotypes of Jewish people being “good with money” and “good negotiators”. Trump is no more anti-Semitic than his old Queens neighbor Archie Bunker.

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@zenvelo I saw that speech. The stereotypes weren’t hurtful in the context, and he made light of some of them. Maybe he pushed it a little far, I agree there, but many Jews joke about some of the stereotypes among ourselves. What about the giggle we get when reading the lighthearted article about what Jews never eat. Or, when we make a generalization about republicans? Or, when people say the Christians don’t believe in science. Let the first to cast a stone…

Trump wasn’t making fun of us in that speech any more than we do ourselves. Do plenty of Jews feel good about our statistics on receiving Nobel prizes, education level, blah blah. Is my family not much different than what Seinfeld and the Nanny portray? He probably works with and lives near Jews his whole life. He’s in NYC. When I was a kid 25% of NYC was Jewish. Is it bad for people to think Jews own and control everything, yes, I think that stereotype is bad. Does Trump know that’s not the case? Yes, I think he does.

Trump calls himself a good negotiator.

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Trump is a horrible, racist, misogynistic, blowhard. Here is what I would say to anyone who is thinking of supporting him.

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You’re crazy.

Rubio is the only candidate of The Big Three that doesn’t scare me.

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@filmfann – that’s because you’re not a woman of childbearing age.

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@filmfann Why Rubio? Maybe because @Seek and I are in FL we can’t stomach the idea. Plus the whole being a woman thing. He and Cruz scare me most. But, that’s me. And, of course they wind up near the top. This is why I can’t vote Republican. Trump said during the debate that he is changing the Republican party and I can’t tell you how many of my right wing friends call Trump a liberal Democrat.

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When you find yourself agreeing with hate groups (KKK, neo-nazis, etc.) it’s time to question your beliefs.

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@tinyfaery I gave you a GA for that statement.

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Trump seems like the opposite of “good” to me in most ways, but when you start comparing to the other Republican candidates, he’s more interesting to me because he’s not a career politician, and I am curious what he’s really up to. He seems to mainly be in it for the fun and attention, and isn’t pretending as hard as the others to have real consistent values. Colbert found it quite easy to make a Trump vs. Trump debate of clips showing him arguing opposite things to himself. I also find it interesting that he is showing how massively screwed up our whole system and situation is, that he can just go out and say all kinds of crazy shit, and beat all the career politicians! I half expect that he’ll do something interesting when he’s finally not chosen, defeated, or elected. I’ve always thought he was a sleazebag businessman, but I wonder what he’s really up to.

I’m a pro-choice, anti-corruption environmentalist who values freedom, peace, privacy, education, health care, human rights, separation of church & state, and abolishing slavery, corruption, poverty and bigotry, so all the current Republicans look like horrible horrible horrible choices, and Hillary looks like a fake/corrupt status-quo “Democrat”.

Go Sanders!

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@Zaku I find it interesting so many Republicans bitched about Obama not having Washington experience, and now a lot of them are supporting Trump and Cruz? I actually agreed about Obama, and it was partly why I wanted Hillary back then.

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@JLeslie Yes I think Trump is actually giving critical thinkers a giant stockpile of arguments against the reasonableness of the current right-wing voter base, on that and many other issues. I think both Trump’s and Sanders’ popularity is shedding a lot of revealing light on both parties, and show how the voters are upset in many different ways. Hopefully whatever happens, this is the sign of some shaking up of a very dysfunctional situation, and hopefully what comes next will eventually be a lot better that what we’ve had for so long.

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@Zaku What’s a little screwy to me is Sanders is extremely left on most things, while Trump is moderate on a few things. It’s like you would think a jumble up in the parties would be more moderation on both sides, but no that’s not the case. I know some liberals think Trump is attracting right wingers who are racist and want to remove all government services, but that’s not the case. Some of his followers are like that, but many not. The real right wing, the religious right, said to be the base of the party, I think are more on the Cruz and maybe Rubio band wagon.

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@JLeslie. I will link when I am able later tonight. Dang phone…

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@JLeslie Are you crazy! I have no intention of leaving my already existing distaste for Trump aside. Why on earth would I do that, the man turns my stomach, utterly.

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@Adagio Just for the Q. :)

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Hearing Christie say today, “Introducing the next President of the United States, Donald Trump,” made me feel sick to my stomach. And to tell the truth, substituting any other current candidate’s name, Republican or Democrat, doesn’t make me feel much better.

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I’m going to be crass here, but if it smells like a turd, looks like a turd, acts like a turd – it’s probably a turd. Trump has provided all the evidence I need for me to judge him a turd.

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@Pachy I just heard an hour ago from a friend Christie came out for Trump. WTH?! That is shocking to me.

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@JLeslie Can I ask why this news is so shocking to you?

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Why is that shocking to you? Christie wants to be the VP candidate.

Your perceptions are all over the place.

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@JLeslie I think Trump could easily cause the death of millions of innocent people.

Also apparently I’m not the only one who sees a comparison.

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A friend just wrote something and it got me thinking. I don’t think voting for a guy spouting ‘Lets make America Great Again’ is the best option. I want to vote for the person who says ‘Lets make America Better than it’s Ever Been’. When is this mystical time of greatness they want to go back to? When women were told to get married, stay home and get pregnant and take care of the children? Not allowed or discouraged to pursue a University education? When kids were hit with switches at school or working in factories? When slavery was practised? Nope. A whole bucket of Nope.

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@cazzie So true.

@janbb I think what jellies aren’t getting is if you only focus on a few things you (not you personally) like about a candidate you can like almost anyone. I’m not all over the place. I like Hillary, wanted her 8 years ago, and voted for her in the primaries. It doesn’t stop me from seeing the appeal of other candidates and understanding, or trying to understand, or wanting to understand, the people who support other candidates. A whole bunch of my very extreme left wing and right wing friends don’t understand the appeal of Trump at all. That’s why Trump is winning. They think all of his supporters want a loud mouth racist who promises unattainable thinks without saying how he is going to accomplish it. That’s not what any of my friends who like him focus on or see. They don’t focus on his loud mouth nor do they think Trump is racist or that they themselves are racist.

Let’s take for instance if the Clinton’s have broken the tax laws with how they handled foundation funds and if Hillary did receive and send emails that she should not have, but luckily nothing they wound up jeopardizing us. That these are proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and the Clinton’s have to pay back taxes and Hillary is given a pass on the one or two emails that should not have been floated through the system. Will people who support her still support? I think absolutely a lot of them will. Because we focus on what she hopefully will do for the country, why we believe she will be good, not her screw ups. The people who hate her will be completely bewildered anyone can support her. They already are, because they already believe for sure those two illegal things have happened. Whether it’s true or not they believe it strongly.

If you don’t understand your opposition, how can you win? It’s harder anyway.

I didn’t think about Christie wanting the VP spot. That makes perfect sense. Except that, I would be shocked if Trump picked Christie, because I think they are both perceived as loud mouths, and the Evangelicals who hate Trump won’t have anything to be happy about.

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@gorillapaws A major tactical error in Ms. Schloss’s remarks in that the Berlin wall was not erected to keep people out it was erected to keep people in…completely the opposite of Mr. Trump’s intentions for building his wall the Mexicans will pay for.

The Wall was erected in 1961 because more than 2.6 million East Germans escaped to West Berlin or West Germany from 1949 to 1961”

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@Cruiser We have more Mexicans leaving the US than coming in, so technically she’s right.

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Again @gorillapaws that is not the reason not intention Mr. Trump (and other Pres candidates) has expressed for building the wall nor was that even close to the reason(s) the Berlin Wall was built. Mr. Trump wants the wall to stem the influx of illegals and he will build a very nice very large, very pretty door complete with a large dish of mints and well dressed doormen who will hold the door open for all those that want to leave and for those that want to legally enter our country. East Germany on the other other hand, as I said above, built the Berlin wall to keep people in and shot those that tried to leave. Not even a subtle difference in intent.

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@Cruiser “Trump wants the wall to stem the influx of illegals ”

…But it’s a net OUTFLUX…

also See: tunnel, ladder, grappling hook

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Read this about the theory of Trump’s possible sleep deprivation condition and join me under the bed!

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@gorillapaws It doesn’t matter that there is a net outflux. The wall will not prevent Mexicans returning home. Immigration at the border into MX is not going to stop their own citizens from re-entering to the country, wall or not. Trump’s intention is to stop illegal immigration into our country. Whether the numbers prove there is more going out right now than in is moot. That’s his schtick, and the people who like that message are responding to that.

Do countries say let’s just stop checking people in at immigration because more are leaving than coming in? Let’s just take down immigration at airports in all the countries that have a net outflux. No, of course not. If a lot of illegal immigrants are leaving, which I believe are, then great (maybe, or maybe not great, maybe we need some of that labor and we need a better solution) but it doesn’t erase that they still are coming in.

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Even so @gorillapaws like I said the wall is proposed to have a HUGE door for illegals to leave. You left balloon, pole vault, trebuche and human cannonball you list for circumnavigating walls.

Cruiser's avatar

Pretty obvious @JLeslie I suppose I am now a racist because I have deadbolts on my front doors at home and at work to prevent unwanted intruders. Sheesh!

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@JLeslie The point is that we DON“T HAVE AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM on the southern border. Trump is using fear, scapegoating, racism, and xenophobia to unite a large chunk of the country against a nonexistent issue much like other historical figures.

Remember the fucking Irish: Lazy, Drunk, Fighting, Potato-eaters? Or the Italians: Fucking WOPs? or Poles? Danes? Jews or the Japs? There’s nothing new here. Donald is simply plagiarizing the playbook of other shitheads from history, and yes, Hilter was among them.

Except of course our country is much better for all of those immigrants. It’s kind of the whole point of the United States. Or we could, you know deport them all. Why not start with Trump’s anchor-baby children and his wife?

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@gorillapaws: Trump’s wife married a citizen and so probably has been naturalized already.

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@gorillapaws How many illegal immigrants have you known in your lifetime?

Immigrants may not be coming in a lot now through our southern border, but they have in the past and might in the future. I’m not personally gung-ho on building this wall so many people talk about. I’d much much rather to simply allow more people in legally.

Many of those groups you named who had horrible prejudice and racism to deal with came in legally. Many Latin Americans do too of course. Racism and prejudice is not necessarily tied to illegal and legal immigration.

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@JLeslie I dated a girl that wanted to immigrate here but couldn’t, and she had to fly home when her Visa expired. I’ve known a couple of Mexican nationals, my father even arranged to have one of the guy’s eyes operated on to prevent him from going blind.

I regularly benefit from the labor of undocumented workers. For example, every day I eat food. There’s a good chance that much of it was harvested by an “illegal immigrant.”

I agree with your point about improving the process of immigration. Running through the night across miles of desert and giving all of your world possessions to human traffickers is a hell-of-a-lot harder than walking through Ellis Island (that accepted 98% of all immigrants during it’s heyday).

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@gorillapaws I’m assuming the person who came here for surgery was here legally. It sounds like the girl you dated was legal while here? Maybe I misunderstood.

There are many many people here illegally, or here legally and working illegally. Maybe because I’ve been inside the Latin American community for years I am more exposed to it. Although, it’s not like only Latin Americans are here illegally of course. I’ve met people from other parts of the world. Maybe people tell me the stories, because I speak their language.

People who put everything in their children’s name, because their children are American.

People who tell me about the woman they know who lived here 8 years, and then the last time the woman went to her country, and then tried to enter back into America, immigration found her American business card and sent her back to her country.

People who pay to get married to Americans to get papers.

People who overstay their tourist and student visas. The guy I met last year from Cuba (so he is legal once he hit our soil) who paid a Mexican girl in Mexico to marry him, then eventually he was allowed into Mexico. Then shortly after he paid to be brought (snuck) across the Mexican border to the US.

People who work here illegally, pay into social security, and will never receive that benefit.

Like I said, I’d rather have better legal pathways to be here. I think we exploit many of our illegal immigrants, and it really bother me. I also think if I lived in a very bad circumstance I’d want a country to let me in so I can have a better life. I grew up around immigrants and I’m only 2nd and 3rd generation myself, and I can’t help but at least somewhat be in the mode of the golden rule. Thank goodness my family was let in legally.

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@gorillapaws Apparently you and I have different definitions on what constitutes a “problem”.

“About 1 million Mexicans try to sneak across the border each year, with about 400,000 succeeding, according to Mexican authorities. In the last three years, this stretch of the 2,000-mile-long border has become one of the busiest gateways for illegal migration to the U.S.”

To me that seems like a problem in need of a better solution than what we currently have which in turn only exacerbates another “problem” we already have….

“More than half of households headed by immigrants in the county illegally, or 62 percent, received welfare benefits:

What makes me most confused is in how Obama and Sanders only want to encourage illegals to come here when the number of people on welfare has doubled since Obama took office to over 45 million people. If we did not already have a 19 trillion dollar debt that is growing by the second I might not view illegal immigration as a real problem and view it only as real nuisance.

One other thing…yes the number of illegals has dropped in recent years because according to Pew research it is because Mexican women are having less babies….less babies means less anchors to throw over the wall~

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You aren’t crazy. He’s refreshing with his attitude and disgust for political correctness and the fact that he’s financing his own campaign. I can’t even vote in the primary in my state because I’m not registered with a party. I never will be a registered anything. I believe my state’s voting requirement should be outlawed.

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The fact that he’s financing his own campaign is “refreshing”? @MollyMcGuire

Does that make Bloomberg’s threat to spend a billion on a run Mountain Spring?

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I have not yet read any of the other answers, will do so after posting. Yes, you’re crazy (only about this particular subject, not in general, my friend).

Trump is not a Decent human being, and is not fit to be President, nor a guest in anyone’s home.

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You are cray cray. He’s a narcissistic, racist, sexist bully.

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I think a lot of people didn’t read the detail. The question was just for that one debate a couple of nights ago.

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We don’t need details and we don’t need a debate, @JLeslie.

Trump has a track record.

Excuse me. You dropped to your knees is great reality TV.
Most of us are holding out hope that the President of the US will rise above reality TV status.

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Want to see what Trump and his white supremacist followers whom he refuses to disavow could be leading us to? Watch “this scary 1944 Spencer Tracy movie”:

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@ibstubro Then you are on the wrong Q.

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There are three classes in politics: ultra-socialist, reasonable, and super-fascist.
The problem is everyone thinks they are reasonable, and everyone else is not.

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^^That sounds right.

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You’re still crazy after all these posts, @JLeslie.

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