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Who will be the first of the seven dwarves to die? Who will be the last dwarf standing?

Asked by AstroChuck (37420points) July 25th, 2008 from iPhone

I figure Sneezy must have some serious health issues as even living with Doc hasn’t seem to help him. So I say he’s the first to go. As for the last to go I’d say Sleepy since he’s always so well rested. Of course I could be wrong. What do you think and why?

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Grumpy. The mean ones always live forever.

(Mumbling to myself…...Damn, I can never get all seven!)

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Haha. I don’t think Sneezy will go first. I like to think that Sneezy’s sneezes are allergy-related. I’d have to go with Dopey because he can’t seem to take care of himself…one day, Doc’s gonna be so old that he won’t be able to save Dopey from himself anymore. I imagine he’ll wander off a cliff or eat a poisonous apple or something of that sort…
The last to go? Happy. The happiest people tend to be the healthiest and most optomistic about life. =)

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Well, Doc seemed the oldest, and Dopey was the youngest, so with that I’d say Doc first and Dopey last. I think Sneezy just has allergies. Grumpy will probably die from anger related heart failure, but Happy will live long because of his great attitude. Sleepy might get caught in some major disaster because he was sleeping. Hopefully, Dopey won’t do something too stupid.

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Grumpy, Dopey, Sneezy, Doc…....Cheezy? Dorky? Stoner? (I can’t ever get all of the reindeer, either.)

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Everyone forgets Bashful!!!

Poor guy…

He died from a cheek aneurysm…

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Ahh Bashful. He shouldn’t be such a wallflower. He probably developed agoraphobia and never leaves the house.

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Well grumpy will be the first to go because stress takes it’s toll and happy will be the last to go because hormones/seratoin fixes stuff and reduces stress so he will live longest.

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I agree with gooch on Grumpy. For the opposite reasons, Happy will live the longest. (I agree with fly on that one).

Disney was the first to actually give the dwarfs names.

My mom had Snow White and Prince Charming on a flight in the late 30’s. She was a stewardess at the time and they were promoting the movie. They were her favorite passengers of all the famous people that she ever had on board.

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Sleepy ought to last forever.

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I have no answer (yet) but I have to say, this is the first question I’ve ever GQed. It’s just awesome.

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Dopey because he will have an accident that will kill him

Happy > Sleepy would get lazy and not get excercise.

Happy because happy people always look at the brighter things in life and are less stressed.

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I’m with AstroChuck, Sneezy has some serious upper respiratory issues that seem unresolvable. He’s probably been on so many courses of antibiotics that he has built up a tolerance to even the ones that are the most intense, that can’t be good. Sneezy will definitely be the first to go.

As for the one who will live the longest, Grumpy for sure, he’s like my 91 year-old grandmother (whom I LOVE dearly and thank God for every day), an old coot whose anger will keep him alive forever. Dopey would be a close second because he has that Mr. Magoo/Forest Gump thing going for him, you know he’s the one who causes the catastrophe but always walks away unscathed while others suffer the damage.

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No, as mentioned above, Sneezy just has bad allergies (due to living in the forest). He’ll be fine once he retires and moves to his place in the Orkney Islands.

Aren’t all these guys at risk anyway? They are miners, a very hazardous occupation.

this reminds me of a “serious” discussion I had with my niece, concerning familial relationships of muppets, by a comparison of bodily features.

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