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Irish folks, proper pronunciation of Niamh?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (10930points) February 26th, 2016 from iPhone

Is it ‘Neev’ or ‘Nee-iv’?

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For full disclosure, I’m not Irish, just Irish-American. But, I have traveled extensively throughout Ireland, and I have relatives named Niamh.

I believe that either NEEV or NEE-av is correct. It’s likely a regional thing, much like saying AHNT v. ANT.

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Here’s a video on how to pronounce it.

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I’m not Irish, but I’m somewhat familiar with pronunciation of Gaelic and Celtic words.

My educated guess is that it would be something close to what @Love_my_doggie says, “NEE-av”, with regional variations.

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Irish names are so beautiful. I love the name ‘Saoirse’ (‘Seer-shah’).

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Sent this question to our resident Dubliner.

Though, I will say I love the regional variants just as much. There’s a massive difference between Ulster and Munster.

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@Seek Yeah, one’s a city and the other’s a cheese.

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Cheese can’t pronounce a name! Silly penguin.

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I dunno – sometimes when I eat cheese, it talks back!

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I’m Irish, so I’ll take this one.

Niamh is pronounced as “nee”+ “ve”

You only really pronounce it as “Nee” + “iv” if you have a very strong Dublin accent. My Dublin accent isn’t that strong. So I go for the first pronunciation.

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@NerdyKeith You’re hereby and officially our Resident Irishman and go-to person for All Things Irish.

How lucky you are, living in such a beautiful country.

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Helpful, jellies. Thanks.

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Hehe thanks @Love_my_doggie; I’ll do my very best to answer any Ireland related questions.

@Mama_Cakes You are very welcome

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