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Not too too much. Only when the soil is very dry.
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If you over water rosemary, it'll die.
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you should get a spray bottle and "mist" it so it gets some moisture but not too much
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That's interesting. I live in the Pacific NW where it is very rainy for three months in the winter (but maybe it is more of a kind of mist), but I have had a rosemary bush for a long time outside. And I see them as big shrubs in Seattle. Maybe it is LA rosemary--a different breed?
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We had one in backyard in Berkeley, CA - grew like crazy - we often picked from it for spicing - I think we never watered it directly. It rained occasionally.
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Rosemary is a Mediterranean plant and can stand some drought. Overwatering is worse than letting soil dry out. A tough guy; like lavender in the right zone.

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