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If i go to apple store, would they give a new ipod touch?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) July 25th, 2008

my ipod touch just keeps showing the apple logo, so i called apple, they told me that they will send me a box to send my ipod for repair, but, i was wondering if i go directly to the apple store maybe they could give me a new and shiny ipod touch?

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I would think so but then again you never know with Apple. Call the store and ask.

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i will go tomorrow and try,,,

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I know when my late iPod Nano froze they did a diognastics on it at the store and it came back to life.

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It’s a possibility, but they might not if it’s repairable, as it will probably be cheaper for them to just repair it.
Depends on how cheap they are… =)

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did u buy it at the apple store or somewhere else? have u even tried restoring it in itunes yet? if its still booting, it can easily be restored and fixed back to normal.

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i got it at best buy in february this year, i tried everything, the lady from the apple support couldn’t make it restore again, just turns on with the apple logo and that will stay until battery runs out, yesterday i had to restore it to factory settings 4 times, and today 2 more times, now, i can even put it to recovery mode…. i hope they give me a new one…

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Did it happen because of 2.0?

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i think so…. since the 2.0 its been crazy, i try to update some apps, and it freezes….

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Best Buy got that ‘geek squad’ techs maybe they could help.

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Go online to the Apple site and at the bottom of the page locate your retail store; link to the info page for that store and then click on the link to make an appointment at the genius bar (otherwise there’s a good chance they won’t be able to help you as appointments are required).

When you do go to the genius bar, if you’ve never registered your iPod touch with Apple, you should bring a copy of your Best Buy receipt to show that it was purchased within the 1-year warranty period (that is, assuming you didn’t purchase the Apple Care when you bought it). Good Luck.

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Asking the Apple Store would be the option I’d choose, and they’d probably give you a new one, you might want to check the little warranty book that came with your iPod to see what will apply.

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