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Why does hair bleach make your scalp burn and itch?

Asked by aneedleinthehayy (1198points) July 25th, 2008
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It can if it’s not applied properly [left on too long, put too much in one spot, etc.]. Make sure that you follow the directions given. If you follow the directions, everything should go smoothly. =)

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Don’t bleach. Use a product that highlights the hair. I personally use a product that costs me less than $6 per use. I use Kaleidacolor which is a blue powder I mix with Developer 20. It turns into a bright blue paste. I used to run my hair through the cap by stabbing it (and injuring my own scalp) but now I just comb it through. Run a blow dryer on it for 8 minutes with a shower cap on and instant highlights for my light brown hair.

No burning at all. You can find this product at any discount beauty store like Sally’s.

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Peroxide is not your skin’s friend…....neither is ammonia.

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From Bleaching Hair:

Whatever the reason for bleaching your hair, you should make sure you do it safely as the chemicals used can be hazardous. The safest way of bleaching hair is to have someone else do it for you. You can do it yourself but you must take extreme care. A normal hair bleaching process will cause a slightly uncomfortable tingle on the scalp, if the tingle progresses into a burning sensation, rinse the bleach off with cool water.”

The chemicals are caustic and have been known to cause chemical burns.

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i went to college with a kid who burned his scalp and had resulting scarring from repetitive bleaching of his very short hair…. bad idea.

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@marcismyhero, how often did he bleach his hair?

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@needleinthehay, i believe whenever roots started to show.

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Because bleach basically rips open the hair shaft and sucks the color out of each individual strand. If it can do that to your hair, imagine what it can do to your skin or scalp. Burning is a part of the process. Bleaching is a science yo. If it burns, that means you are getting the gorgeous platinum blonde you want. Beauty is PAIN!!!

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