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How close do you think your impression would be?

Asked by syz (35833points) July 25th, 2008

So you’ve carried on conversations and you feel like you’re starting to get to know a few fellow flutherers. You probably have an idea of who you’d enjoying hanging out with. If you met them in real life, do you think you’d be surprised? Do you form mental pictures of what they would look and sound like? Would yo be disappointed if they didn’t match your expectations? (Excluding those with pics and in video.)

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If I met a lot of the people that I talk to on Fluther, I imagine that I would be surprised. Mental images are often stereotypical and figments of our imagination, and, as we all know, both are faulty. However surprised that I may be, I doubt that I would be disappointed. I talk to the people that I talk to because I’m interested in their personalities, interests/expertise, and what they have to say. I doubt that there would be much of a difference in those aspects over the computer vs. in real life.

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Hmm. I don’t really form mental pictures, but I assume when someone’s avatar is a picture, its a picture of the user (like Allie, syz, iwamoto, but not Dr. Frank). I don’t assume that anyone I enjoy on fluther could necessarily be my 3D friend. I both agree and disagree with most people on this site, but there are those that always seem to share my opinions like you syz, you already know how I feel about you. Many users live in L.A., and sometimes I wonder if I actually know some of the L.A. flutherites. I try not to expect anything, ever; I’m less disappointed that way.

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I think I’d rather stick to who I know, u guys could be some weirdos for all I know…

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There’s very few flutherites I’ve formed a comprehensive enough impression of to say yes I’m pretty sure I would like to hang out with them.
Most are kind of half-impressions, which for the most part is fine – it’s like dealing with colleagues on the phone without ever meeting them – although sometimes I’m curious about the rest of their person and wonder what they’re like face-to-face.

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There’s a couple of people here that I think I would absolutely love to hang out with in real life, though I couldn’t say for certain how close my idea of them is to how they actually are in the outside world. I’d like to hope these people are as amazing as they come across here. There are also a couple of people that I think I know I wouldn’t want to hang out with, but who knows, I might have really liked them had I actually met them, I try to keep an open mind. Although I think age might possibly be a barrier if people were ever to meet up. I mean I don’t know how many of you mature Flutherers would want to hang out with a 16 year old when you’ve got your own friends the same age. Anyway, my point is that yes I percieve people a certain way but I don’t hold that in my mind as all that they are. I don’t have expectations that they would have to live up to so I wouldn’t be disappointed if they were different than I thought, I would just work on getting to know them better :)

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I’ve met quite a few online friends, but not from fluther, and they were pretty much what I thought they would be. I met a few of them for drinks, and we had a blast. I think it would be pretty much the same with the people I have come to know here. In a site like this where we share so much of ourselves, it’s kind of hard to hide who we really are.

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I think that you would all find my voice to be much more nasal in person. At least that’s the conclusion I’ve reached, listening to recordings of my voice. Oh, to be basso profundo for a day!

Still hoping for Fluther-con…

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