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How do I heal this?

Asked by kimchi (1440points) February 27th, 2016

Someone accidentally hit me with a tennis racket on the right arm near my elbow. It aches and hurts a lot. Tennis tryouts are in 2.5 days. How do I lessen the pain or help this heal quickly? Please help – I’ve been waiting for tennis tryouts for forever.

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Put ice on it and take an anti inflamatory like Ibuprphen…if you are still hurting in 2 days…rub some dirt on it

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There’s a wonderful homeopathic ointment for internal injuries. It’s called Arnica, you can pick it up at any healthfood store. It does wonders! Good luck in the tryouts!

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I’ve heard that lecithin (which can also be bought at health-food stores) facilitates bruise healing and perhaps overall circulatory functions, which include tissue repair.

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I experience some occasional joint pain due to my age. Fortunately it’s not severe, and when I need relief, I reach for the Arnica. I’ve been using it since I was younger, and my father, who worked construction, used it as well.

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I’d second the ibuprofen advice. Take it from now until the trials to reduce the inflammation around the injury. Keep gently exercising it but save the big workout for the trials

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Well, what I would do, personally, is to keep working it, work it on out. But that’s just me.

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Well, I actually use both ibuprofen and arnica. If the pain is unusually strong, and the arnica isn’t working fast enough, I’ll go with the ibuprofen.

But I also find the massage action used to apply the arnica is soothing.

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I would call an ortho and ask him. Someone said ice, but in my experiences ice is for right after an injury, then you go to heat. I’m not a doctor. Ibuprofen is a good idea if you can take it. I can’t believe you haven’t been to a doctor since this is so important to you.

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If this is important, find a doctor to give you a shot of cortisone.

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