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Do you think Leonardo is favorite to win Oscar?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) February 28th, 2016

If not him then whom do you think will win it and why?

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I do not see how Leonardo deserves to win the best actor award, when he is not even the best actor in his own movie!
Tom Hardy was way better than him.

Anyway, I think Walton Goggins from The Hateful Eight should win, but unfortunately, he was not even nominated.

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Odds currently 1/100 & he won every other award so go figure.
He’s been given it because “it’s his time” not because he gave the best performance, but still.

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I have not seen the movie but I did see the Steve Jobs movie the other day and Michael Fassbender should be embarrassed to call himself an actor so on that comparison alone Leonardo has a 25% chance of winning tonight

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NPR thinks he’s a shoe-in.
I think he’s a terrific actor and it’s a shame that he might win under the “It’s his time/turn” cloud.

More importantly, someone told me last week that I looked like ‘that DiCaprio fellow’, so he has my vote!

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I do not think that Leo has ever been a particularly good actor.

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He will win, just because he had the biggest injury of the 5 nominated actors (this is always the best predictor).
I would rather see The Hulk get it. Ruffalo did a hell of a job, and had to display more emotions than LdC.

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Definitely, because of the story that he portrays.
The true story of Hugh Glass.
A story of determination to live after surmounting odds.

I heard a radio show about which movies win the Oscars and why?
They based it on whether the movie has abilities to allow more sales from ‘products’ that can be generated from them.
Example: Star Wars..‘T’ shirts,books,figurines , spin offs etc

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He has won what you have to say about it?

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