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Movie lovers: If you were to personally choose who wins an Oscar tonight from the nominees, who would you pick?

Asked by jca (36043points) February 28th, 2016

Best film
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best supporting Actress
Best supporting Actor

Please base your choices from the nominees (film,actors/actresses).

Please choose based on your personal opinion, not who you think will actually win.

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Best film: Room

Best Actress: Brie Larson

Can’t remember the other nominees at the moment.

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best film: mad max fury road
best actor: none (I don’t think leo gave a good performance, neither did matt damon, and i have not seen any of the other movies)
best actress: none (have not seen any of the nominated movies)
best supporting actor/actress: Tom Hardy and Jennifer Jason Leigh

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Film: I’ve seen Revenant, Spotlight, Brooklyn, Big Short and Room. My choice would be either Room or Brooklyn. I’ll be happy if either one wins, but I’d be just a tiny bit happier if Room wins.

Actor: The only one I’ve seen is Revenant, so I could only say Leo, but I do like Bryan Cranston.

Actress: I am hoping for Brie Larson, but I’d be happy if Saoirse Ronan wins, too.

Supporting Actor and Actress: I have to look at who’s nominated.

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The only ones I know from the supporting actor and actress are Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams from The Big Short, which was a great movie.

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Oh – right. Mark Ruffalo was for “Spotlight” wasn’t he? As was Rachel McAdams? Also, a great movie as were “Brooklyn” and “The Big Short.”

My guess is that “The Big Short” will win. It was good but I was blown away by “Room.”

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Whoever pays me the most.

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Woke up Monday to find out it was Leo, Brie, Spotlight and a whole bunch of other Oscars for Mad Max. Internet is abuzz about Leo. I am happy about Brie. Also pretty happy about Spotlight but would have been more happy if it were Room or Brooklyn.

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@jca Happy about Brie too.

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I was rooting for Mark Ruffalo. A versatile, passionate actor who has not yet gotten his due.

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And he’s cute. I was rooting for him, too. I think they were viewing Leo as having been nominated 6 times, it’s his time now. I didn’t think Revenant was that impressive, except for the scenery and cinematography, which it did win an award for.

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I just watched Room last night. Woah. Brie was incredible. The little guy was pretty great too.

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@Cupcake I thought it was an amazing movie. I also thought Jacob Trembley should have gotten a nomination too.

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I agree with you both, it was an incredible movie and Jacob’s performance was Oscar worthy.

Incredibly brave of the mom “Ma” to put her son out there to save them both.

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